Nodal point

Jerome Boccon-Gibod 5:35pm, 17 August 2007
For those who makes panoramas or planets, where did you found your nodal point at 10 mm ?
HamburgerJung 11 years ago
For the Pentax *istDL it's:
10mm, 60° turn : 9,7 cm
12mm, 60° turn : 8,6 cm
14mm, 45° turn : 9,8 cm

Distance from the middle of the tripod to the start of the lens (i hope you know what i mean) is 4,25cm at the *istDL. You need this distance for your camera to the your nodal point.
Jerome Boccon-Gibod 11 years ago
Thanx a lot Hamburger Jung, Am going to try with those settings right away !
Steffen Be. 10 years ago
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