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NebraskaSC Photography ADMIN November 20, 2018
Updated November 21, 2018

Combo or Non Combo of any Capture is Permitted! There are some exceptions...
PLEASE read the group rules.

The group is for
*We Focus on These! Not the Other

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Group Description

Clouds Storms Sunsets and Sunrises..... Need we say more????

Commenting is Encouraged but not Enforced!

1. Posted photos MUST BE About Clouds, Storms, Sunsets and Sunrises
2. Photo not conforming to rule #1 will be removed.
3. Original Photographer, otherwise the image(s) will be deleted from group.

It is absolutely fine to POST N RUN here... Though all images do get put into a que before
they are published to this site. You are NOT required to comment.

Though, we all appreciate it if you do. & If you do, would you please use this Flickr Badge when when commenting on photos in this group:, It helps build this community with a link back to the CSSS group here on Flickr!

Highlight and copy this code below! Thank You!
<a href=""><img src=""><br></a>
<strong>Another Beautiful Capture Seen in
<a href="">Clouds, Storms, Sunsets and Sunrises </a></strong>
<strong>Please tag</strong> your photo "<strong>CloudsStormsSunsetsSunrises</strong>"


And it should look like:

Another Beautiful Capture Seen in Clouds, Storms, Sunsets and Sunrises
Please tag your photo "CloudsStormsSunsetsSunrises"


Group Rules

Welcome to Clouds Storms Sunsets & Sunrises!!!!

I appreciate you wanting to join this group.
If you love to look at Clouds, Storms, Sunsets & Sunrises. Your in the right place. Its one of the Best on Flickr.

PLEASE VIEW this groups photostream before you join the group. I'm not saying just the first 20 images in the group pool. View the first 100 or so, so you get the true feeling for what I'm looking for here. I hate to deny images... So please make sure you know what your submitting before you add your images.

This Group is updated daily.
When Administering this group, I have to have a focal point on the images submitted so here they are....

The Group Rules:

Focus Rule #1)
If you image doesn't have a Cloud, a Storm, a Sunrise, or a Sunset

It will be denied!

Focus Rule#2)
I'm especially strict on this groups Focus Rule(s)

If your focus is on a any type of person, people, plants, animals, buildings, etc...That image will be denied!

I'm not saying if you have any element listed above it will automatically be denied when I'm going through the group image que. They can be part of the capture, however if your focus is on them and not a cloud, storm, sunset or sunrise....That image will be denied!

This group is not about reflections, landscapes, seascapes... its Not about Silhouettes in the sunset or sunrise... again please view the images in the group as examples of what is accepted

Its about Clouds Storms Sunsets and Sunrises.....
Not about the other....


1) Submission rate is up to 12 photographs per day. Each photo is placed in a moderation queue for acceptance or denial. If a photo is declined, that decision is final.

2) The final decision of whether a photo remains in the group or not is up to the Administrator. A photo may be removed from the main gallery by the Administrator even after acceptance by the moderation team. The Administrator's decision is final.

3) Please DO NOT repost an image. Once an image has been accepted to the pool, don't delete it to then try and add it again so it keeps appearing on the first page. If the image is removed and the member continues this practice...They will be banned by Management.

4) Please DO NOT resubmit an image. Once an image has been denied, don't submit it again attempting to get it accepted.

5) Blocking a moderator or administrator will result in that member being banned from the group.

6) In accordance with Flickr Community Guidelines, inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

7) Violations to our group rules may result in being kicked or banned “with no warning”.

8) All members must know, understand and agree to our group rules prior to joining our group and they also must agree to all rules which could be updated at any time, without any notice.

Please Enjoy and Have as much Fun as I do viewing the submission from this group!

Additional Info

  • This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in
  • Members can post 12 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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