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ski 9 ADMIN August 20, 2009
Time for the 1,000 Invitational Group to come to an end. Thanks to all who participated and for all the truly wonderful shots you've posted. I will continue to monitor the pool and select the remaining shots to be included in 1,000's best 200 shots group:
1,000's 200

It's been real!
Ski 9

Group Description

Welcome to 1,000...home to one of the finest galleries on Flickr.

1,000. Get yours at

We're a very casual, no pressure group. Most members consider it more like an art gallery than the traditional flickr must post/must contribute group. In order to keep the quality high, this isn't the easiest group to get in...or stay in. Wander through when you have the time and leave a comment or two if something strikes your fancy. Enjoy the show.

COMMENT CODE: Here is a code you can use when you make comments about photos in the group. Copy the information between the lines:
<b>Seen in:
<a href=""><img
border="0" src=""></a>
<a href="">
Invitational Galleries </a> </b>

It will look like this:

Seen in


Europacup Snowboard Grünau 2009

Many thanks to the rain

Sincronía natural

st. annes pier


snowy day

The last shot was our Photo of the Year for 2007



1,000 is a continuation of the former Bachspics group….but with an added new goal. In addition to continuing to post premium quality photos, we look forward to becoming home to the work of

The 1,000 finest photographers in the Flickr Universe... plus more than a few others too.


All members of 1,000 are now allowed to invite images into the group pool. The invitation code is located directly below the comment code toward the top of this page.

Here are the new group rules relating to invitations. Please read and follow.

1. Members are encouraged to invite "superior" images. Please use a very discerning eye. Invited images which don't fit the gallery may be deleted without warning. All images will go into a moderated queue before being allowed into the pool.

2. Post your invited photo and try to recognize 2 other images anywhere in the gallery with the comment code on the home page. Leaving a comment in addition to the the comment code and/or faving images is optional but encouraged. Wander through the gallery and award the best images you see....not just the first you see.

3. We will continue to accept uninvited shots into the moderated queue....see below for details.

Per above....posting in this group is generally by invitation but....

Self-submitted photographs are encouraged, but our judgment will determine if they are displayed here.

Please read the Guidelines below before uploading.

Don't be offended if your image doesn't make it... keep trying. However, please don't submit the same photo(s) repeatedly.

The pool will be reviewed continually and images that fail to measure up to the latest postings will be dropped. There are many other groups posting images in perpetuity. Since we strive to maintain a pool of the finest images currently available... this isn’t one of them.

Rules and guidelines for Self-Initiated Uploads….please read to save your time and effort:

1. Photos must be at least of the same general quality as those already in the
pool. We judge on a combination of aesthetic value, technical merit and "interest".

2. Photos with a signature, watermark, or other self-identification
generally will have a tougher time not be accepted.

3. Photos with distracting borders or frames generally will have a tougher time being accepted.

4. Content: Gratuitous porn or sleazy stuff…. don't waste your time or mine. Nudity will be judged on its artistic integrity.

5. B&W/Color/Digital/Film/Abstract/Realism/Portrait/Landscape/Post Processed/?/Etc:
This Gallery is looking for the best quality work...period. We are fairly open to all forms of photographic expression, as long as the end result is superb. Keep in mind however, that your images MUST primarily be photographic to be considered.

6. It isn’t a democracy…. But we will listen to reasoned arguments
should your image be rejected under our guidelines and you wish to protest. Please drop me a flickrmail.

7. Please vote in 1 or more contests, especially if you have posted in one. Simply put, contests don't mean much without votes.

9. Self-initiated uploads are limited to 1 per day

Welcome to the group.

Check out these great questions to asking yourself when taking a photograph:


Thanks to BACHSPICS for getting a good thing going!

-ski 9-

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Group Rules

Group rules. This is a public group seeking high quality images, therefore:

1. Posting is encouraged but will be screened according to the purpose and description of the group. Please post the shots you are most proud of and NO repeat posting of shots that have been denied. POSTS ARE LIMITED TO 1 PER DAY

2. When you have the time...visit the group's gallery and post a comment or two. Show your peers that other good photographers appreciate their work. There are some truly amazing photographs here. The comment code is near the top of the home page.

3. We'd love to have you enter your best shots in our contests. If you enter, please be sure to vote in other contests open for voting.

4. No porn, sleazy stuff or political diatribes. Shots containing nudity will be judged accordingly our assessment of their artistic merit.

Thanks.... and welcome to 1,000 Invitational!

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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