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Which Kittin? December 28, 2010
A certain few people have started voting on the basis of friendship instead of on the artistic merits of the pictures. This is not fair to the people who have worked so hard on their edits, then lost due to this underhanded practice.

I need all your opinions here. I can ban these people or I can close the entire group. What do you want? Is this group worth saving? Please post your comments in the discussion. If I don't hear from you, I will simply close the group.

Group Description

Two photos will be submitted a week: one each from 2 different people.

To play in the Digital Challenge, click on each of the two starter images, then click on the "all sizes" button, choose your size and download.
Combine the 2 images. Change them, colour them, manipulate them, push your PS skills to the limit, try something new. Then when you've finished upload.
Once you've uploaded your finished image, click on all sizes and choose 'medium'. Copy the code under option 1. Go to the discussion in the group, paste the code and you're done! Have fun and good luck!

And if you can remember what changes you have made stick it in the comments to help out those of us that are not so fluent at PS.

At the end of the week we vote for who did the most creative pic. Then the 2 winners get to submit the photos for the following week.

Members may post as many entries as they like. Please number your entries.

All members can vote. You don't have to have submitted an entry this week to vote.

Also please link your photos back to the group and please also remember to give credit to the artist/photographer by putting a link to their stream or original photo.

Voting Rules
Entries close at 6pm NZ time, then voting will be open for 24 hours following that time. please vote for two entries

i.e 1. Art
2. nizurack

Once the votes are counted the winners will be announced and the winning entries will be posted to the pool.

Then the winners will post new starting photos. please wait for both entries to be submitted before starting.

Please save the pool for winning entries. Thank you!

* Please no PORN!!! (yes I'm a girl)
* Does not have to be PS, can be another editing programme

One more thing about licenses and copyrights. If you enter a copyright image as a starting image, you are giving implied consent to allow that image to be manipulated and used in the contest. You are also giving implied consent to allow the manipulated image to be used in the creator's photostream and in the comment section of all the pictures used in the entry.

Unless all source images have a CC license, please do not submit the manipulated image to any other groups on flickr or any sites outside flickr. (If you would like to put the image in your own portfolio or blog, please obtain explicit permission from the owners of all the copyrights)

To avoid confusion for our international contestants:
Voting commences at 6 PM Sunday, New Zealand time.
Voting commences at 11 PM Saturday, Pacific time.
Voting commences at 2 AM Sunday, Eastern time.

That's about the extent of my time conversation. This tired old brain can't handle more than that. :-)


Digital Challenge
Congratulations! You won the Digital Challenge!
You know what to do... please post your winning entry in the group pool and start a new challenge. Congrats again!!

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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