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snoopygirl ADMIN January 6, 2012
Bi-Lingual Blythers ... we need group RULE translations! Spanish? Chinese? Any?

Group Description

The Challenge:
Every day take a new portrait of the same Blythe, tag it with 365Blythe and submit it to the pool. It's that simple!

Part of the fun of this group is that when you see the same girl from day after day, a little world is created. Changing dolls every day makes it just like any other "dump-n-go pool" on Flickr. We like to think of ourselves as being a group with active participation and it makes it so much fun to catch a glimpse of the lives of our Blythe friends and their dollies.

We want this group to be a challenge which sets it apart from every other Blythe group on Flickr! Are you up for the challenge?

Please introduce yourself in the "official introduction thread"



What photos are eligible for the pool?
A photo is eligible only if it is taken by you. You are only allowed to submit one photo for each day. Only one. Feel free to do whatever you want to do within your own photo stream, but only send one to the pool. No matter how cute the other one is! that's what collages are for. If you just have to post other multiple shots why not use the handy mosaic maker to make it easy? Multiple submissions representing the same day will be deleted. All of your photos should be labeled something like "1 / 365, 2 /365, 3 / 365" or "day 1 of 365" to make it clear what day you are on.

Photos of photos can be used but they must include at least a part of the doll you are currently working with (she could be holding it up) and the doll does not have to be the central focus of the portrait, as long as she is clearly in the shot in one way or another.

Do I have to participate in scavenger hunts or themed challenges?
All weekly mini challenges and scavenger hunts in the discussion are 100% optional, it is only a diversion for those who wish to participate.
If you DO choose to participate be sure to post your themed picture in the challenge thread!

What should I do if I decide I just can't make the full year?
If you decide you aren't up for the challenge you always have the option of removing your photos from the pool. If, however, you have managed to get to a major milestone (100 days, for example) you may wish to post a picture to the pool saying "I GIVE UP" and leave them there as a testimonial to the effort you made. If you post only a few days and quit, eventually your photos will be removed for you.

About posting limits
You should try to plan on taking a portrait of your girl every day for a FULL year. You are committing to quite a challenge. If you accidentally miss a day you can make it up. If you travel or your camera breaks you might miss longer, just be sure to let us know. You really should try to keep missed days to a minimum and reserve any lapses for genuine emergency situations. What will make you ineligible is if you submit a photo once every few weeks to this group as well as every other Blythe group on Flickr! At least try to look like you are doing the project! ;)

Currently the posting limit is set at 3 per day which should allow you to catch up missed days. If you miss more than 3 days you can submit 3 each day until you are caught up, however if you have missed a substantial period perhaps you might like to submit a collage or a link to missed photos in your 365 set? Using the 3 per day limit to post multiple photos from the same shoot will cause your extra photos to be removed. At the end of your year you should have no more than 366 (leap year) pictures or 365 if you start after 1 March!

Is it possible to start after January 1st 2008?
Members can start ANY time during the year, your day one might be somebody else' s day 20, etc. You must, however, be prepared to do a full 365 days. If you start on May 15, for example, YOUR 365 challenge will not end until May 14 the following year. After all, if you join on December 1st - 31 days is not much of a challenge compared to those who stick out a full year!

Can old photos be used?
Older photos may occasionally be used but not old ones from your Flickr archives. They must be newly uploaded and new to Flickr. While we want to try to keep to photos taken on the day or close to, it is not always going to be possible, try to keep your pictures current when you can! If you took a great photo minutes after you already submitted one for the day, go ahead and save it to post and submit the next day, however, taking all of your photos for the month in one day is not really with the spirit of the challenge.

Do I have to make my photos public?
Not at all, you can always keep your photos private on your Flickr page and still submit to the group. If you do so, only other group members will be able to see them.

Can I post mobile phone pix?
Of course you can! If you are traveling you can always upload to flickr via email or a mobile phone. Detailed information at the Flickr mobile information page.

What happens if I lose my doll or she is damaged?
While we hope sincerely this never happens, if it does, please notify a group admin or moderator immediately and start a thread in the discussion pool.


2008 - 2009 graduates
sew pixie
Squirrel Junkie

2010 graduates

2011 graduates
A Hot Cup of Tia ...
The Pen Corner
blomquist / Ole

2012 Graduates
knitting barista

Please let me (Snoopygirl) know if there is somebody I missed! If you finish at any time please FM me directly.

Graduates are invited to join the 365 Alumni group!

Group Rules

The rules are all on the group homepage but here they are in brief:

the idea of the group is to take and submit a new portrait of your Blythe every single day for a calendar year. You should mark the photos clearly in sequence (1/365, 2/365, 3/365 etc.) and tag them with 365Blythe.

If you change Blythes your photos will be removed.

what photos are eligible for the pool?
A photo is eligible only if it is taken by you. You are only allowed to submit one photo for each day. Only one.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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