sugarpacketchad 11:19am, 6 July 2011
I am starting a project where people can write a Haiku about sugar and post it here, I will add it to my Sugar-Ku page on my website:
sugarpacketchad 7 years ago
I think in sweetness
Like that of sweetness left sweet
Sweet is sweet itself
lancelonie PRO 7 years ago
I got a candy.
Sugary sweet like honey.
Oh, yummy, yummy!
sugarpacketchad 7 years ago
That's a great one, thanks Nelonie!
cirosanisonyahoo 7 years ago
Sugar Packet Chad.
Artist of the century?
You bet your glucose.
sugarpacketchad 7 years ago
haha, that's great cirosanisonyahoo >:-)))
well kiss my frosting 7 years ago
white crystals of joy
melting sweetly on my tongue
smile to my lips
sugarpacketchad 6 years ago
Thanks Great!!!
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