Stephanie @ Quarter Incher 6:30pm, 19 June 2013
We will be using the Tutorial by A Quilter's Table for this swap. Please use the link below for the instructions.

Triple-Zip Pouch tutorial by A Quilter's Table

This is a secret swap open to everyone. You will receive your partner details shortly after sign-ups close. If you're not willing to ship internationally then this swap may not be for you.

Please include a postcard inside your pouch when you send it off as well as any other little goodies you want to fill it with. All goodies need to fit INSIDE your pouch. This will help with postage costs. You should be able to mail your pouch in a large mailer envelope at largest. No shipping boxes are required. Please put your pouch INSIDE a large ziplock bag to protect it if you're not mailing in a bubble mailer.

ROUND 2: Mail by March 1st

Remember to have fun! If any of your are having trouble with your pouch, please don't hesitate to ask for help!

You can get a great deal on zippers from Zip-It on Etsy. Use discount code "Quarter Incher" at checkout for 15% off your order!

You can post a mosaic for inspiration if you wish!
oh man! 2014 is filling up fast but I can't say no. You twisted my arm :)
My first pouch swap! WooHoo! I'm printing the tutorial and will be gathering my fabrics and will get started this weekend. Can't wait!
Stephanie @ Quarter Incher Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Stephanie @ Quarter Incher (admin) 5 years ago

Wait to get your partner details to make the pouch for them! Feel free to make a practice pouch for yourself though.
Signed up.
Stephanie @ Quarter Incher:

Oh! Of course! See? I've just outted myself as a newbie :) but I think it's a great idea to make a practice one. Thanks!
caa48 5 years ago
read the rules, agree.
signed up
Whitepaintedhouse 5 years ago
I'm in and can't wait to get started. Pouches are a fun, easy swap item.
Pennie Pins 5 years ago
I signed up, but don't know if it worked because I don't know how to do a link or what mine is! Can someone please explain what it is and how to do it! Thank you.
pattimcg 5 years ago

Pennie Pins:

Pennie, I just open my photo stream in another window, copy and paste the address. Make sense?
Pennie Pins 5 years ago

I'm sorry it doesn't. I'm not seeing where to cut and paste when I'm on my photo stream page.
bright pie [deleted] 5 years ago
Hi Pennie,

When you have your photostream open look all the way to the top of the screen and there is the browser URL bar. It will start with all of the text in that bar. While it is highlighted right click and a menu will open. Copy should be one of the options. Click it. Then go to your sign up and click in the box that asks for your photostream link. right click again and a menu will open. In that menu it should say 'paste' Choose paste and it should enter the url you copied from your photostream page.
sewbusy64 5 years ago
Im signed up!
Pennie Pins 5 years ago

Thanks so much for your help, Monique! It worked like a charm.
Pennie Pins 5 years ago
I think I'm signed up!
bright pie [deleted] 5 years ago
You're welcome Pennie
Pennie Pins:

I got you Pennie!
I'm in again! I can't get enough of these pouches - I think I've made 7!
Coser Tejer Crear Posted 5 years ago. Edited by Coser Tejer Crear (member) 5 years ago
Ok, it's been open for so long that I've finally fallen for it. I'm in. I agree. Form sent! Am I in Stephanie?
Coser Tejer Crear:

I got you!
This looks really fun. I am in and agree to the rules. I sent in my form.
Got me too?

jeifner 5 years ago
Great! I'm looking forwards to partner info so I can get started :)
Mailed mine....:)
sewbusy64 5 years ago
I plan to mail mine today ...if I can get out after this winter storm!! will post pics soon also
jeifner 5 years ago
I had told Stephanie already but figured I'd put a note in here for my partner. I sent out late so if you're still waiting there is one still coming!
janithom 5 years ago
I'm guessing it's a bit late to sign up for Round 2?!
Do you think there would be a round 3 to join in with?

Cheers Janine
jeifner 5 years ago

Round 2 is over already :)

I won't start a round 3 for a few months because I'm having a baby soon. I'll send you a notification when sign ups are open!
janithom 5 years ago
Thanks for letting me know, ladies,
But I'll be looking for the notification!!!

Good luck with your baby Stephanie :)
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