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ImAGingerMonkey 8:29am, 7 February 2012
March 12th. Are you ready? I'm going to make both hopscotch and on a whim - and hopefully not be too slow about it!
The 2 patterns will run at the same time - in separate threads but still in this group, there's no end date - this isn't a make this, this and this by this date QAL - it's a support group, we've cracked swoon so let's crack some more quilts!

Pick a pattern - or pick both (yes, I know some people might do that!) and pull out your fabrics.

Be ready to go on March 12th! (you don't really,but if you are then great - I won't be by myself!)

on a whim by croskelley

For on a whim (71"x86") you will need;
10 FQs
2 3/4 yards border/corners (the dot in the photo)
2 1/4 yards background fabric (white in the photo)

Hopscotch by croskelley

For hopscotch (60"x70" quilt) you will need;
1 jelly roll
1 3/4 yards neutral fabric (the background)
3/4 yard for triangle points (blue in photo)

Both patterns are available at either www.fatquartershop.com or www.thimbleblossoms.bigcartel.com (as PDF or paper copy)

Who's in?
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Shut. The. Door. I'm in! On a whim would be my pick :)
TheElvenGarden 7 years ago
Sigh. I've been eyeing off both of them, and now you tempt me? I'm in for sure :) on a whim would be my pick too.
Fittin to Quilt 7 years ago
Since they both are on my list I am in! Not sure which one I will do first though ;-)
numberless toy [deleted] 7 years ago
I already have both those patterns - because you have to look at them for a while, right? - and love them both. Hopscotch looks the trickier of the two, so maybe that's the one to go for (because I'll need the encouragement!)
BeckyEtal 7 years ago
Hopscotch looks like a good one. I don't have a quilt that looks anything like that so it would be my pick. Especially if I had someone to hold my hand while trying it!
Fiona @ Poppy Makes 7 years ago
I've had my eye on Hopscotch

But I don't know if I'll be finished Swoon by Mid March!!!
I like the second pattern, pretty!
Have not even gotten started on my swoon blocks yet tho haha. Trying to finish up some swaps first.
Spoolhardygirl 7 years ago
Cheezits, Katy, you are like the quilting crack dealer of Flickr! You should talk to Kim about getting a cut of the profits from FQS. I am totally overextended, but I wouldn't miss this. Now, which to choose? i gravitate towards Whim, but it is a little reminiscent of Swoon, no? In that case, I vote for Hopscotch. Maybe I'll do a scraptacular quilt since I loved the scrappy ones here so much!
libertyjsy 7 years ago
Hopscotch looks good to me, but I've only swooned once so far!!
Anjeanette 7 years ago
Ha! You crack dealer of Flickr! I love Hopscotch. It looks different than all the variations of stars going on right now. And it may be one of those that we would need some BTDT on.
elmwebb 7 years ago
Yea!!! I have been wondering how I will wean myself from obsessively checking this pool once this QAL is over. Now I can just transfer that obsession to a new QAL! Perfect! I will check out both patterns (which means I will look at them over and over again, look at my stack of Ruby fqs, look at the patterns again, look at the fabric, you get the idea) and decide by mid-March. I will have finished my Swoon by then and hopefully done all those things around the house that I have completed neglected while Swooning. Can't wait!
kaiolohiakids1 7 years ago
I've been looking at Hopscotch since it came out, so I think I'd choose that one - It looks a little different from anything I've done before
Lettyb 7 years ago
Whim whim whim whim!!!!!
Lettyb 7 years ago
On a whim quilt by croskelley
danette.riddle PRO 7 years ago
Hopscotch would probably be a good change from Swoon, but both are lovely.
aquilterstable PRO 7 years ago
I'm hoping to do On A Whim before long, and would love to do it in a qa!
ImAGingerMonkey 7 years ago
I'm so glad some of you are actually prepared to go again with this!
I'm going to do both - so no-one will be disappointed that their choice wasn't chosen.
I'll get the fabric requirements FOR BOTH PATTERNS written up into the announcement up the top there and, just like swoon, this is going to be a in your own time, as and when quilt along where we can help each other out when we get stuck - a support group. But we won't make a start until mid march, because we still have swoon to get through!!!!

(and if you haven't finished swoon - that's totally ok, it can take you 100 years, there's no penalty for taking it slow, there's no prize for doing it fast!)
Cut To Pieces 7 years ago
If I did it, I would do the Hopscotch pattern. I have an Amy Butler Love Jelly Roll that has been itching for me to use it for over two years. ;)
jenniferworthen PRO 7 years ago
So awesome. On A Whim is in my wish list, so that will be what I'll do... once I finish swoon! I need to get going on my blocks again! :)
Gidgie 7 years ago
Very nice! I just bought the pattern 'on a whim' yesterday!
I'm in...I even have the fabric already!
Sarcastic Quilter 7 years ago
Hopscotch would be my choice. Darn you... I don't need more to do but it's so much fun! :D
srhshlmn PRO 7 years ago
Oh, you are a temptress! My pick, since I don't have about 10 other things I should be working on, is hopscotch. It's different, I like a challenge, and I bought a jelly roll last month for no good reason so this would give me justification!
Sew-Fantastic 7 years ago
I like both, I actually have on a whim pinned to pinterest in hopes to do :)
ha ha! I got Hopscotch yesterday! :) I'll be in, but things have slowed considerably since I've had my hours at work increased by 50% - my stitching time has suffered! But I'm Sooooooooo IN!
confused deer [deleted] 7 years ago
on a whim!!
goneaussiequilting PRO 7 years ago
Well, I'm addicted now. I would do On a Whim first. My mind is spinning with fabric options right now.
savinggrc 7 years ago
Okay, shame on you, Katy. I'm going to switch what was going to be my next Swoon to the Hopscotch. And, I may well switch the other Swoon to On A Whim just for variety. I still have all kinds of ideas in my head for Swoon - doll quilts, giant Swoon, twin bed with a column of three Swoons...oh my, my head is swimming. But, my hubby won't buy me that much fabric. lol. So, I'll get both patterns and do both. Set up the flickr groups. I'm in.
savinggrc 7 years ago
Gidgie, what kind of pieces are in On A Whim? I mean, are we talking easy stuff or am I going to have to work hard? :o)
Jennie's Threads 7 years ago
Oh Katie - I said I wouldn't start any more..... but both a sooo beautiful and I won ten fat quarters recently. But I also have jelly rolls begging to be used. If I were only allowed to do one - it would be hopscotch, but I could easily be tempted to do both - Whim would be a nice christmas present for a great aunt (but notin the fat quarters I won) I'm very excited again - must get swoon finished first though!
anaskewview 7 years ago
You are so bad! I love it! Just finished last 3 blocks of Swoon today. Must decide on quilting and backing. BUT . . . have Whim and fabric so why not. What a great kick in the butt .... :)
AliceBKnittin 7 years ago
I love the idea of another QAL.
I have a slight preference for on a whim. But hopscotch would be ok too.
Bethadeezoo 7 years ago
Hopscotch is my pick. I want to swoon so bad but am hopeless in choosing fabrics and have not started yet. Hopscotch is a jelly roll so that narrows the choice for me. : )
meg_norrell 7 years ago
Zoinks, Katy, you're killin me here! I loooove On a Whim. But I'm only 3 blocks down with my Swoon! I'm going to have to skip the sleep and reading and start Swooning harder! (Does that sound wrong? No? Just me? Carry on, then...)
beckiboo74 7 years ago
Oh dear. I havent started my Swoon yet as Im still recovering from shoulder surgery but I am in with these two too, I have the patterns already and have had a discussion with my daughter about the fabric she would like Whim made out of as she needs a new quilt for a bigger bed we are hoping to get her soon. And i already have the jelly roll for Hopscotch. Guess I better get moving with Swoon
Vanessa9185 7 years ago
Honestly I like both patterns. Can you do a QAL for one in March and the other one in June? Just a thought.... I really enjoy these QAL!
Silly lil' Doe! 7 years ago
I'll be forever your quilt-along minion! ^_____^
lesleyworth PRO 7 years ago
on a whim is definitely my pick!!! been eyeballing it since it came out...so glad to be already thinking about the next one! Katy you are my hero!!!
Rosa's Quilt & Tonic 7 years ago
This is not good.
I'm a *cough* mature woman and I'll need to check with my doctor first to be sure my heart and bloodpressure can manage another round of pictures of fabulous, beautiful and gorgeous quilts.
If I get a 'go-ahead' I'm in.
If not - someone has to kill my computer and send me to quilt-detox.
naty quilter 7 years ago
Whim whim whim!!
{audrey} 7 years ago
Love them both! So hard to choose....

I do have a spare jelly roll hanging around, that's starting to win out.
Angelina79 PRO 7 years ago
Katy! You are indeed the quilt crack dealer of flickr! I'll probably do one or the other - I'm drawn to On a Whim, but I do have a spare jelly roll that I should probably use up, so....we'll see which way the wind blows me.
Happy Go Lizzie 7 years ago
Oh oh ! I better get moving on my swoons ! Nearly completed my 4 th block . Eeeek. Want to finish it before I start another . You've got me hooked on these quilt alongs. I would choose the Hopscotch pattern coz I think the other one is too similar to the swoon design .
The Enchanted Bobbin 7 years ago
I could be tempted either way....
traceyjay 7 years ago
I already have On a Whim. :)
frostpatterns 7 years ago
oh oh ... this will be hard to resist! I'm really going slow with my swoon, but I love On a Whim, too, so if I feel up to it by March, I'll join in making that one.
Anjeanette 7 years ago
Ok ladies, are you going to get the paper copy or the PDF?
I'm wondering if there is a benefit to one over the other one.
Spoolhardygirl 7 years ago
I like the instant gratification of a PDF. If I can avoid it, I won't print them out on paper, but with Swoon I did.
melodyquilts 7 years ago
On a whim!!! : )
I already bought the On a Whim pattern, so I'll most definitely be making that one!
neighborly window [deleted] 7 years ago
Love the On a Whim pattern.
sweetly_tattered 7 years ago
well....since I am horribly behind on swoon...I'm going to vote for on a whim and use my intended swoon fabrics for it :-)
Hopscotch! I really like that one - so this would be perfect since i've been wanting to do that one anyway! :)
quiltinginthedesert 7 years ago
I would say I would prefer Hopscotch because it's different!
It'll be Hopscotch for me :) I may have a few jelly rolls lying around begging to be used!
rebeccasrags 7 years ago
Neptune jelly roll + Hopscotch = do I dare?
Birdydanana 7 years ago
I'm in! I like hopscotch!!
Mama Missa 7 years ago
I'm all for Hopscotch. Love a good jelly roll pattern.
lovesewspecial 7 years ago
I am in, I like both of the patterns!
smalltown97038 7 years ago
I'd go for Hopscotch! Completely different from Swoon and I'm sure I will have alot to learn from that one!
elmwebb 7 years ago
oh wow, just got my pattern for Hopscotch and it looks kinda hard! I have never used templates before. glad I will be doing this with all of you (at least those who choose Hopscotch) because I think I will need help!
libertyjsy 7 years ago
I have some diamond rulers and am hoping to match up the triangles and diamonds with the rulers as I think that would be more accurate than my template making.
BBiscuit777 7 years ago
While I LOVE both patterns... I really want to have a go at Hopscotch!!!!
Anjeanette 7 years ago
Templates and diamond rulers, oh my! This is exactly why a quilt along is needed
Do you have the physical pattern?
meg_norrell 7 years ago
Katy, I think you'll have to do as was suggested above--start one quilt-along in March and the next in June. And laugh as your minions dance!!
kelseysews 7 years ago
I'd be in for the Hopscotch! I'm making the On a Whim but it's a gift and I have to have it done by the end of March
ImAGingerMonkey 7 years ago
ok - so how about we do both quilts but we spread the time out and you can drop in and out as you please?
I spoke to Camille and she says the templates in hopscotch are not scary and it's really not tricky. I do want to make both. On a whim is perfect for my niece, so I figure we run both QALs side by side, in the same group (which I'll set up nearer the time) and we hold hands and jump right in.
heck, what else do we all have to do other than hang out here? (she says ignoring the to-do list and the real work she actually has to do. Oops)
fluttering scene [deleted] 7 years ago
Yay! I just got the On A Whim pattern and would love to join in with this. Sounds perfect to do both of them, and gives me a "reason" to get the other pattern! Wonderful!
Lucy & Norman 7 years ago
I will most definitely be down for both! As long as you don't make me finish Swoon first!
elmwebb 7 years ago
I got the pdf pattern, printed it, and have been staring at it ever since.

thanks for checking on the templates with Camille. I feel better now, especially since you have now promised that we will all hold hands and do it together! I will start with hopscotch and see if I finish in time to do on a whim. can't wait! now if I can just stop screwing up my swoon . . .
Mrs Bot 7 years ago
I am in, I already have both patterns and fabric picked out for them!
So mid March start i need to get on with my Swoon spent ages trying to resist the tempation but caught the bug in the end.
Living with Punks 7 years ago
Love them both! Such fun...glad we can all do this together...I'm in with all of it!
Joan H. Callaway 7 years ago
Hopscotch :D
Joan H. Callaway 7 years ago
Oh -- now I read the rest of the comments and see BOTH! Fun.
Happy Go Lizzie 7 years ago
Okay can somebody please recommend a good web site to order the jelly roll from. I like the look of the ones at the fat quarter shop . Are there any other good ones to look at . I live in Australia. Good quality jelly rolls so expensive here.
libertyjsy 7 years ago
Bonnie & Camille, Sweetwater, Kate Spain. If you buy from Fatquartershop, you might want to buy a copy of Fatquarterly issue 8 as it has a great coupon. :)
Happy Go Lizzie 7 years ago
Thanks for those .... I looked at the moda shop website , but I need the name of a good online store like Fabricworm that sells jellyrolls.
{audrey} 7 years ago
I just bought hopscotch. Along with a microdot FQ bundle from Camille's store. Those are excellent neutrals!
srhshlmn PRO 7 years ago
Green Fairy Quilts has great prices on jelly rolls, and often a sale, too.
UllaBee 7 years ago
Eeek! I have only made 3 swoon blocks so far (I guess I better get crackin'), but I am totally in for *Hopscotch* (even if I may have to start later than everyone else). I wish I could get my hands on a Vintage Modern jelly roll before that time, but I will find something. <3
ImAGingerMonkey 7 years ago
UllaBee - Jane has vintage modern jelly rolls in stock already!!!! www.wantitneeditquilt.com.au/ (she's in Aus)

Happy_go_Lizzie - I DM'ed you, but same info again - Jane wantitneeditquilt, has jelly rolls and she's in Aus too!
ImAGingerMonkey Posted 7 years ago. Edited by ImAGingerMonkey (admin) 7 years ago
you're right - there's an AWESOME coupon from Fat Quarter shop in Issue 8 of Fat Quarterly www.fatquarterly.com
Lilabelle Lane 7 years ago
I'm in! I have both patterns but am going to do Hopscotch - in BLISS. It will be nice to do a different pattern. I also have Whim on my to-do list at a later date :o)
punkrockertracey 7 years ago
I will, of course, not be able to say no to either. I will start with Hopscotch. What a year of beautiful quilts it will be. Can't wait!
fluttering scene [deleted] 7 years ago
Yay! I'm absolutley in. I'm starting with On A Whim, and will soon order Hopscotch. I like having the paper patterns and already have On A Whim. Am going to take some time tonight to pick out fabrics, and get cutting on my Swoon quilt too! I love this group. So much beautiful things it makes me so excited!!
Sew Amelia's Garden 7 years ago
Love both of them! Thinking Hopscotch but, they both have just arrived at www.sewameliasgarden.com
kwiltzbystephanie 7 years ago
On a whim...I'm in!!!
{safieh} 7 years ago
crap, I would be down for either. or both.
Purple Panda Quilts 7 years ago
I just got the pattern on a whim. When do we start the sewing?! =)
Patch_Me 7 years ago
I just got the Hopscotch Pattern... and I'm in, too :-)
SeaQuest_3032 PRO 7 years ago
I got the On a Whim pattern when I finally bought my Swoon pattern. I can't decide what fabric to use for my Swoon & now you're throwing another decision at me but I'm definitely in. :-)
Ooooooh, I want to do them both! I've got to get to swooning!
scrapnchick 7 years ago
Argh, I only have two swoon blocks done, but I really want to do the hopscotch quilt! Need to get moving! My goal was one swoon per saturday, but I haven't been able to touch it for the last four saturdays so I am WAY behind!
Fiona @ Poppy Makes 7 years ago
I've only got 2 blocks done too. I really want to make more but just can't find time.
I've just ordered the Hopscotch pattern to give me some motivation ;)
cpkdeidra 7 years ago
I would love to both. Hopefully I not over loading myself.
Gidgie 7 years ago
Savinggrc I read the pattern for 'on a whim' and it looks easier than the Swoon to me and two blocks per fat quarter.... I'm really excited to get this one started.. but I have to finish my swoon first!
CampFollowerBagLady 7 years ago
On a Whim is my vote too!!!! Katy, you make this too tempting and far too fun!
aback station [deleted] 7 years ago
I think I like hopscotch best. I think I'm all stared out.
Bertadel 7 years ago
Hopscotch. I would like to try jelly rolls.
ImAGingerMonkey 7 years ago
you know I was thinking - rather than moving over to a new group, we can keep all the new quilt along stuff in this group as well, right?

It's almost time - only a couple of weeks!!!!
purplepoppyquilts 7 years ago
so funny. i bought both those patterns a few weeks ago and have had them sitting on my desk, tempting me. but i really want to finish my swoon top, at least, before starting it. i think i'm going to do hello luscious for hopscotch, because it's freaking amazing. i've already got a FQ bundle of urban cowgirl that would be perfect for on a whim. dang, now i'm excited! must. finish. swoon.
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