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Kitty W ADMIN March 1, 2012

Scroll further down this page to see the full list of 112 subjects. Simply click on a subject to go to the relevant thread - they are all linked. Please don't start a new thread for subjects as this merely creates confusion - there is already a thread for each topic. Many thanks! :)

Group Description

The purpose of this group is to complete 112 pictures in 2012 from the topic list below. You may go in any order you wish, and photo editing & textures are okay. Don't forget to title and tag your subject from the list. After you've added your image to the Group Pool, click on the link in the list below, and post your picture in small size, in the thread. (You can do this by clicking on the 'Share' option above your photo; then click on 'Grab the HTML/BBCode', and choose 'Small' from the drop down menu. Then simply copy the code, and paste into the box in the discussion thread).

Please join with the intent of participating and completing 112 Pictures.

We don't want to impose loads of rules, but it is obvious from the group title that pictures in the group pool should be taken in 2012.

There are two date-specific categories this year (No.s 12 and 29). If you miss those, you won't be able to complete the 112!

Commenting on the photos of others is always nice too. If you wish to put a simple 'Seen in 112 pictures in 2012' link in your comment, copy the code between the lines.

<a href=""> Seen in 112 pictures in 2012 </a>

It should look like this :

Seen in 112 Pictures in 2012


The list is as follows. If you spot any duplicates let me know :

1. Me (Yourself)
2. Odd One Out
3. Bright & Colourful
4. Bubble(s)
5. Bottom Half
6. Candy or Sweets
7. Rainy Day
8. Gate(way)
9. Afternoon
10. Silver(y)
11. Headwear
12. 12-12-12 (Any shot to be taken on the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012)
13. Achievement
14. Sign
15. Stripes
16. Ball(s) or Sphere(s)
17. Hill(s), Mountain(s) or Slope(s)
18. On The Ground or Floor
19. Music
20. Wild Plant or Flower
21. Cloudy Sky
22. Embellished or Fancy
23. Technology
24. Black & White Portrait
25. Crockery, China or Pottery
26. Narrow Depth of Field
27. Male or Masculine
28. Bell(s)
29. Leap Day (Any shot to be taken on, or relating to 29th February 2012)
30. Pink & Green
31. Liquid
32. Action or Movement
33. Money
34. Smile
35. Spots or Dots
36. Represent the title of a song in your image
37. Feet and/or Footwear
38. Female or Feminine
39. Ring(s)
40. Something beginning with ‘T’
41. Door(way)
42. Feather(s) or Feathered
43. Game
44. Souvenir or Memento
45. Fluffy, furry or hairy
46. Advertisement
47. Five
48. Old
49. Statue or Sculpture
50. Yellow
51. Winter
52. Autumn/Fall
53. Summer
54. Spring
55. Uniform
56. Chocolate
57. Landscape
58. Delicate
59. Abstract
60. Something beginning with ‘G’
61. Window(s)
62. Petal(s)
63. Simple
64. Bottle(s) or Jar(s)
65. Wheel(s)
66. Religion
67. River, Pond or Lake
68. Pale
69. Represent the title of a film in your image
70. Gold(en)
71. Emotion
72. Overhead
73. A Shot in the Dark
74. Backlit
75. Five minutes from home
76. Young or Youth(ful)
77. Shop or Store
78. Hard or Tough
79. Insect or Spider
80. Loud or Noisy
81. Shoot the Shooter (A picture of someone taking a picture)
82. Sharp or Spiky
83. In Your Own Garden/Yard
84. Before & After, in a diptych (two pictures in one frame)
85. Fun
86. Heart
87. Stained Glass
88. Silhouette(s)
89. Field(s) or Meadow(s)
90. Purple
91. Candid
92. Blurred or Bokeh’ed background
93. Reflection(s)
94. Something You Don’t Like
95. Berry or Berries
96. Paper
97. Eye(s)
98. Electric(al)
99. Gift
100. Time
101. Soft
102. Vanishing Point
103. Farm Animal
104. Edge(s)
105. Fog, Mist or Smoke
106. Something in Sepia
107. Calm and Peaceful
108. Leg(s)
109. Ugly
110. Unfinished
111. Christmas
112. Goodbye

Some of my favourite pictures from our group of photographers. I am trying to pick different photographers each time (as much as possible).

Banana's (just kidding) from hub en gerie

bananas (just kidding!)

Playa Hermosa sunset by mongering

Playa Hermosa Sunset

:-P Electrical eyes by Piroposa_cris


Purbeck marathon recce by Steve Luke

Purbeck Marathon Recce

Last light - south stack by Sylvia Slavin

Last Light - South Stack - Anglesey #63 Simple

Tonight we are young, So lets set the World on fire, We can burn brighter than the Sun~Fun by MaryjoBoughton

Tonight we are young, So lets set the World on fire, We can burn brighter than the Sun~Fun

Foggy day at the beach by Patti

366/225 - 8/12/12 - Foggy day at the beach!

Look into my eyes by SteveJM2009

"Look into my eyes!"

Cousins, two peas in a pod? by diffuse

Cousins,  two peas in a pod?

Shoot the shooter by William (tectum macula) Walsh

Shoot the Shooter

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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