Mary_on_Flickr 1:30am, 6 June 2011
For maximum advocacy impact, images in the group should be CC licensed. To the right of your uploaded image, there will be a copyright symbol, with "edit" even further to the right. If you click on the blue "edit" link, you will be given a choice of possible licenses to apply to your work. If you are altering the CC licensed work of others, you must continue some of the choices they have made, such as a non-commercial license.

The purpose of CC licensing is so that others can use them. These photoquotes can equip someone advocating for the gifted to deliver their message more easily, saving them time and energy for other aspects of making change happen.

A big thank you to everyone contributing to this project!
Mary_on_Flickr 7 years ago
Some cartoon info on CC licensing which I actually found quite helpful. Scroll down for the English version.
Mary_on_Flickr 5 years ago
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