PAUL1852X 10:57am, 6 March 2011
Welcome everyone to our level 2 group, we can't go any higher in quality, all pictures that make this group have made it through on merit from **MASTERCLASS** OR **EXHIBITION OF TALENT**, by catching the eye of the admin and awarded by other members to reach this elite stage from our excellence threads, many thanks for posting your outstanding photographs in our groups.
As always please respect the group and the other superb pictures in the group pool when posting 1 please award 3 or more other pictures by using the group award within the first 2 pages, automated sweeper will be running and all pictures that don't award others will be removed, please play fair.

Many thanks and enjoy the group.
magda indigo Posted 8 years ago. Edited by magda indigo (member) 8 years ago
Thank you very much, I am honoured. I wish the new group SUCCESS!

Magda, (*_*)
Edith Hoffman 8 years ago
Thanks Paul! I am honored and good luck with this beautiful group.
Greetings from the Netherlands, Edith :-)
Dave Cappleman 3 years ago
Hi and thanks to all the Admin team for choosing my image "Worth The Pain!" as group cover photo. The Masterclass groups are some of the very best on Flickr and I'm very flattered to have one of my images chosen when the standards in the groups are so high.
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