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peejayk 10:47am, 24 March 2012
Got mine (in UK from Amazon) first this morning and the very first thing I've noticed is, with a "Cloudy" WB in our front room there's a very distinct green tinge to the LCD.

The shot itself appears as expected (when viewed in ViewNX) but the rear view is rather surprisingly "off" from it.

I've compared it to the LCD of my D300 and they look very different (will take a shot later to show it).

I did a preset white balance from a grey card just to be sure and, again the actual shot is fine but the LCD definitely looks green to my eyes (especially compared to D300)

Not had chance to go through the manual yet but I've never heard of changing the colour balance of the LCD, only the brightness etc.

Anyone else getting similar?
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Sean Breadsell Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Sean Breadsell (member) 6 years ago
I must admit I have been saying this to the wife since I got it...yes mine is different than that of the D700, it looks greenish for the same kind of photo with the same lens. Phewww glad it is not just me, thanks !
sirshannon 6 years ago
are the photos green or only the LCD?
Adrian Gramunt 6 years ago
A little. Just as my D7000 ! Hate that slight tint. Everything else is amazing on this camera, but I prefer the screen of the D3s and even D90. I called Nikon for my D7000 and they told me that it's possible that they calibrate the screens in a different way between cameras, and that they can't change it afterwards (I asked if I could send the camera to calibrate the screen and it was not possible).
peejayk 6 years ago
Mine is definitely only green in the LCD.
sirshannon 6 years ago
Cool. Thanks.
Adrian Gramunt 6 years ago
@ Cuckooclock, shoot RAW, problem solved ;)
nahanni•whisky™ 6 years ago
that would bug me. i wonder if they used a cheaper iron ferrite variety of glass in front of the LCD? is every unit experiencing this issue or only some?

try a thin polyester magenta-purple filter [for fluorescent lights] sandwiched between the LCD glass and the BM-12 LCD protector - or an old kodak wratten gel CC filter. assuming the issue is consistant, this should restore the WB to a more familiar look expected from clear optical glass.
Michigan Nut PRO 6 years ago
That would bug me too! $3000 for a camera that has a Green color cast in the LCD ? I hope I don't see this in mine when it comes. What if I don't want to shoot in raw for some shots. Sounds ridiculous .
slierow 6 years ago
Check page 52 of your manual and see if that helps.
Grandhomme Gallery Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Grandhomme Gallery (member) 6 years ago
As a rule of thumb, I will never buy the first batch of any electronic product. Six months down the line is about right time to wait. I was once caught with the D2H experiment which was a total disaster.

I think that the lack of stock is probably because the technical error was noticed very late and manufacture halted pronto. We can now be looking forward to D800s soon or whatever Nikon may choose to call it. A greenish LCD is a grievous technical error, totally unacceptable.

Note once you've had notice that such fault/issue exists and you went ahead and bought the item regardless, you have inadvertently waived your right to complain about such issues/faults.
mentalPICTURE 6 years ago
Page 52 does indeed talk of easy adjustment of HUE ADJUSTMENT via thumbwheel.

Found on download, as still waiting for mine!!!
Sean Breadsell 6 years ago
On page 52 it does indeed talk about hue adjustment, that is for Live View mode though...so not really a solution unfortunately. If I select a WB to suite the environment then it is fine, it is just auto WB in my opinion is pretty crappy and a little disappointing as the D700 was completely fine in that regard.
mentalPICTURE 6 years ago
Sean, thanks for giving hands on info.

BTW if anyone does want to off-load one of these duff green tinged cameras....

;) Dave
Sean Breadsell 6 years ago
You can adjust your auto WB settings, which is what I have done now

...also there is 2 Auto WB settings, one that keeps warmer lighting colours, so I won't be offloading the camera in the near future, it is still an amazing camera and the detail WooooHaaaaa :)
nahanni•whisky™ 6 years ago
so after consulting the manual — it's a non-issue?
jonjon_01 PRO 6 years ago
Umm...has anyone bothered to call Nikon to ask about it?
Tianliang Hau 6 years ago
:"As a rule of thumb, I will never buy the first batch of any electronic product. Six months down the line is about right time to wait."

Totally Agreed with you!!!
Alan*Lawrence PRO 6 years ago
Well, first of all, we may all be waiting 6 months. But, there's another way to look at it. I've read that the engineers are much more involved in QT during the first months so that the quality can actually be better.
peejayk 6 years ago
I'm not sure I see how adjusting WB helps the LCD. If I were shooting jpg I think I'd HAVE to use a grey card or similar to get as close as possible as I'd definitely not trust the LCD right now.

I need to find some time to illustrate the issue (i.e. take some test shots with D800 & D300 then take a shot of the rear of both of them beside each other).

Once I have that I may well contact Nikon...
Sean Breadsell Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Sean Breadsell (member) 6 years ago
straight off the shelf my D90 and D700 were fine on the back of the screen, off tghe shelf the D800 definitely has a green tinge...and no after consulting the manual made no difference, just customising the Auto WB for me made every difference, looks great for me now.

I do realise that when shooting RAW it makes no difference, but you do have that option in LR or any other package to use "As Shot" and then it does make a difference.

For me it is a non issue, mine is customized and works, or I select my own WB at the time of the shot or in LR afterwards.

I think it is good to get things like this out there so that people know and make your own minds up.
hypercore360 6 years ago
Dominick Paoli 6 years ago
you guys sure the LCD isn't changing the WB to match the ambient light? It is a feature of the LCD now to adjust to match ambient lighting
Sean Breadsell 6 years ago
Dom, if i export a green tinged auto WB raw shot as is with "as shot" settings then it is still green, sure it is VERY easy to adjust but its not even close to being right. If you shot it as a jpg, the files are still green, my fix like i said is to customize my auto WB and the files look perfectly fine now
Gradybaby1 6 years ago
Sean how did you set your WB to get rid of the green cast. Mine is awful even if I do a WB preset it still has a terrible green cast?
Sean Breadsell 6 years ago
SHOOTING MENU > White Balance > Auto > AUTO1 Normal > took it a couple of notches down so the G-M was at M2, it depended slightly on the conditions, in some cases the A-B was A1 as well. But then mst of my white balances seemed to be "ok"
NeilPhotosLLC 6 years ago
this ain't good....maybe I'll cancel my order after all!
sirshannon 6 years ago
Please, everyone who ordered in the first week or so, please cancel your preorder!

(I got in on the preorder late)
fluffy chickens [deleted] 6 years ago
You want us to cancel so you get our D800's? :-)
Sean Breadsell 6 years ago
i personally would NOT be cancelling any orders, the camera itself is friggin amazing...tis is a small issue that can be overcome by selecting your white balance to suite the condition or just a minor tweak...until any firmware update. Other than that I am truly amazed at the camera, it is everything you would dream of
J.F. Balasko PRO 6 years ago
This is ridiculous, I hate such imperfections in expensive gear.
I AM NOT BUYING until issue fixed/officially cleared :(
I don't get it !
HOW is that possible?
HOW can such unit/product reach the market?
HOW a consumer can accept such product?
Wow calm down there J.F.B its a new camera all cameras have some bugs here and there. Non of the issues for me personally is a deal breaker by any means its not as if the shutter failed after month of using it or the chip internally is bad. We are talking about some minor calibration on the LCD screen and few other things which will be most likely fixed with the firmware update.

I cant speak for everyone but in my eyes 3 grand for medium format resolution is beyond a bargain.
synonymous mind [deleted] 6 years ago
My D800 has a green tint and I think it's a firmware related bug... So just wait until nikon releases an update. Yes it sucks but I think it's not a major bug. Every 1.0 firmware has some bugs :)
fluffy chickens [deleted] 6 years ago
Bjorn, I know new cameras all have bugs but having a fault on the LCD screen is ridiculous.
Greg Latza 6 years ago
I just happened across this thread because I was looking for an answer to why my D4 is having the same green tint issue. Nikon Rumors pointed me here, and now I'm seeing that this isn't an isolated case. I just got off the phone with Nikon and there is no adjustment for the problem, apparently. Ugh. It's either "deal with it" or "send it in."
SiennaBrunello 6 years ago
Thanks for this info. Received my D800 a few days ago and monitor has visible green tint. Going to watch how this unfolds before deciding what to do.
whatadqr 6 years ago
I'm not sure J.F.B. is a real person.

They just joined a couple of months ago, have a handful of snapshots on their stream, no profile, no contacts or groups except this one.

Just sayin', consider the source.

If they only post contrarian nonsense and wildly irrational stuff in the future, we'll know if they are a prankster sock puppet account...

SLRist 6 years ago
Yes, troll alert.
GeneInman.com PRO 6 years ago
I could be wrong, but I remember reading something ( long before launch) that the disply screen was changed to better display in direct daylight. ... not sure the change or if it was with color?
markok 6 years ago
This works for me!
1) Switch the live view selector to photocamera.
2) Turn on Live View
3) press and hold down the (zoom minus) button and Notice the yellow marked box on the display with small letters LV WB. Keep holding this button down, while you
4) turn the back wheel selector (thumb wheel) until it says A1 or what ever WB is desired.
5) Thats it
andrew_v 6 years ago
Mine has the green tint as well. It ONLY affects how the photos appear on the camera's screen... They appear completely as expected when imported onto a computer WITHOUT the green tint. I assume it will be a firmware fix of some kind. Keep in mind that if you change whitebalance preferences to make the screen appear correct, your photos will then most likely have a magenta tint on the computer. Total pain.
9-Dragons 6 years ago
This indicates that Nikon did not carry out enough testing before releasing each camera sample!
That is why I don't want to be the first to get D800
Wells Photos 6 years ago
Cuckooclock "It can't be corrected by a firmware fix as its a hardware fault."

How do you know? You don't.
Grandhomme Gallery Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Grandhomme Gallery (member) 6 years ago
Nikon cocked-up big time on this issue. Self-denials and trivializing the error by some agents is not going to cut it. Ideally, a product-recall will be more appropriate.
Wells Photos 6 years ago
If someone has the issue, could you try this:

Go into the setup and take the monitor brightness setting out of auto. Put in manual and select a level. The auto setting adjusts for ambient brightness, and maybe that's messing with something.
austr07 PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by austr07 (member) 6 years ago
I cannot detect any blue/greenish tint whatsoever, in the LCD screen, in mine (yet). In either shots taken in daylight or under street lighting. I don't recall noticing any tint in shots taken previously. If there is a tint there I can't see it. Maybe I am colour blind.
I just took another series of shots in day light, in darkened rooms, lights on, lights off, Auto WB and no sign of a tint.

Also in reference to the link that posted. This link also mentions problems with flash units. I tried my SB600 numerous times and even with the sensor facing away from the camera at a distance of 12 metres the SB600 fired every time.
mausgabe PRO 6 years ago
Got mine yesterday: no LCD issues.

Internet info can be a good thing, but many times an issue experienced by a few people (and, understandably, it's upsetting for them) becomes exaggerated or enflamed by others' fear / outrage / self-righteousness over said flaw.

Perspective is more than a photographic concept. :-)
fluffy chickens [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by fluffy chickens (member) 6 years ago
I just looked at Ken Rockwell's Facebook page. He said, re the green tinge:

'If it does, that's the backlight, and is unfixable'. SEND IT BACK!'.

I really, trust Ken Rockwell and if mine arrives like this it is going back.
fluffy chickens [deleted] 6 years ago
I can totally understand there being fixable bugs. But a dodgy LCD is not acceptable in a camera costing $3000.
synonymous mind [deleted] 6 years ago
Here is my comparison, same settings different cameras :)
fluffy chickens [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by fluffy chickens (member) 6 years ago
That is unbelievable. Thank you for showing the pictures. Are you keeping your camera?
synonymous mind [deleted] 6 years ago
I just wrote a mail to the nikon support, they said that they don't know anything about this issue and that I should bring my camera to the nikon repair center in zurich. they want to check if it is a problem...

I will keep the camera until I know what the problem is and if it will be fixed with a firmware update. If the problem is hardware related the camera goes straight back to nikon...
fluffy chickens [deleted] 6 years ago
Please keep us posted. I don't like that green LCD at all.
fluffy chickens [deleted] 6 years ago
This D800 release has been a sham from the start. Price rises, green screens, delays. I will be very interested in the Ken Rockwell review. Then Nikon may take notice.
fluffy chickens [deleted] 6 years ago
Now 'DuWayne Kooter' on Ken's Facebook page has said that it is a UK-based rumour :

'This is just a joke, started in the UK, to get your attention and click on their website! geeez..."

How do you know this DuWayne?
SLRist 6 years ago
Please don't mention K.R. That man is a menace.
wild horses ~ 6 years ago
Trust and KR are not related. Although his reviews are entertaining and controversial his advice should be taken with a pinch of salt.
fluffy chickens [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by fluffy chickens (member) 6 years ago
I really like Ken Rockwell. Sorry, but I do. Why do you think he is a menace?
fluffy chickens [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by fluffy chickens (member) 6 years ago
I like that he says it as it is. I also like his reviews and I think he explains things very clearly.
nahanni•whisky™ 6 years ago
I will be very interested in the KR review.

KR knows fiction pays. see his new review of the Canon 5D mark III box. his D800 box has too many atoms, and will be less sharp than his D800E box. his favorite remains the contrasty Leica M9 box.

please help KR and his growing family of boxes.
fluffy chickens [deleted] 6 years ago
Oh, OK. Seems people don't like him as much as I do.
Wells Photos 6 years ago
Cuckooclock you said to me "Sorry to throw water on your fire.. I don't think you should be lying to other forum members at this stage raising their hopes."

Lying? You must be misreading my two small posts above and are confusing me with someone else. One was a troubleshooting suggestion to try turning off auto monitor brightness to see if that helped. The other was to question how are YOU so sure it's a hardware problem that is not fixable by firmware. It may be, but why are you so sure?

I would suggest taking the drama and rhetoric down several notches and respectfully ask that you not call people, particularly me, liars.
synonymous mind [deleted] 6 years ago
Can we get back to topic please?

@Cuckooclock but did they say if it's hardware or software related?
I mean obviously not every D800 has this issue...
J.F. Balasko PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by J.F. Balasko (member) 6 years ago
This is SAD. Very SAD. The saddest thing is Nikon's reaction (if it's true).
I have waited almost a full year with my finger on the trigger to buy my first FX body (I had a used D700 for couple of days, then sold it on ebay, making just shy of 400 Euro profit of it, not to mention unsuccessful purchase of a new one in the middle of 2011, Thanks God covered by Ebay buyer protection, uff). Then I discovered NR and D700s/D800 rumors, being amazed by the new gear Nikon pulled out this year. What a disappointment NOW. I am sure it is HW fault, I have dealed with this on LCDs (Belinea those days), Smartphones (Galaxy S2 yellow tint) etc.
Such a product MAY NOT leave factory. What does Nikons QC (or better who told them to let it pass through?!?). I am no beginner with electronics at all, just built my new Core i7 2600K machine from used parts bought on ebay, half the price covered by selling old Quadcore, so I do know about bugs in new products etc. And I DO KNOW bios/fw updates can fix SOME bugs but c'mon: BAD backlight stays whatever FW you load onto your new camera. One can compensate by recalibrating the LCD gfx chip, but without Nikon's agreement on this, there will be NO new profile (in FW update) for affected units (and I am not sure about the community skills needed to make custom FW). Sorry, this is SHAME. I got rid of my affected Belinea, Galaxy S2 etc and I won't accept even pricier Nikon D800 with such a fault. Without calibrated and correctly displaying LCD screen it's kinda like a film camera with digital storage: you get CORRECT preview ONLY IN THE LAB (computer). Unbelievable. :D
I am not interested in Canon. Just disappointed Nikon FX-body seeker (on budget).
fluffy chickens [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by fluffy chickens (member) 6 years ago
I think I am going to cancel my play.com order. Shame as I ordered it when it was £2099.99. Their gain I suppose. If NIkon can't be bothered I can't.
mausgabe PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by mausgabe (member) 6 years ago
Why not get the camera and exchange it if it's not perfect—LCD or whatever? You're covered in the first few days by nearly every vendor.
nahanni•whisky™ 6 years ago
it's a sign of obsessive compulsion when people oscillate between extremes. "i love it, i hate it." i certainly sympathize with someone who lacks the confidence and knowledge to execute sound decision making -- but when they interpolate and project their own insecurities so as to pee in the communal pool, i start to suspect something twisted and nefarious must be going on.
J.F. Balasko PRO Posted 6 years ago. Edited by J.F. Balasko (member) 6 years ago
In the first place it is DISRESPECT from the manufacturer (Nikon) to it's customers.
Can you imagine buying a car with the steering wheel being off 0/90° axis (ie +/- 10 or 15°, whatever)? Yet worse, the car maker stating it is no issue 'cos the car STILL drives straight and the steering wheel is circle, so what? GET USED TO IT or DO NOT BUY IT ?!
That makes me laugh. No one would buy it. Or keep it like that. No such car should be able to leave the factory gate and would get fixed free of charge by manufacturer/dealer.
Yet in the D800 case some seem happy with the color of the LCD screen seriously off and the maker denies the issue, WTF?
Grandhomme Gallery Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Grandhomme Gallery (member) 6 years ago
On a second thought, i suppose that it is fine that Nikon is going GREEN. Which better way to demonstrate it than on the lcd of there flagship products- d800/d4! Well done Nikon- keeping the earth safe!
Cuckooclock 6 years ago
fluffy chickens [deleted] 6 years ago
J.F. Balasko PRO 6 years ago
rpallesen 6 years ago
It could just be me but, I don't understand why people here are using such angry words.

First of all I dont have an understanding of how many cameras are affected...in the overall shipment, it could just be a small percentage, but people here are demanding a full product recall...Why?

Second, I don't see any evidence that Nikon refuses to deal with the issue...to the contrary. was offered by Nikon to send in his camera. was also offered to send it in...but aint doing so which is total mystery to me.

Unless people send in the faulty units Nikon cannot investigate or rectify the issue and more importantly these people are waiving their rights for a possible DOA (Dead on Arrival) replacement.
Yoshinori Matsunaga 6 years ago
i do not notice green
plant smash [deleted] 6 years ago
This issue has been resolved over at dpreview. The problem only occurs in CFL (energy saving) lighting. It can be resolved by using custom wight balance (and maybe by future firmware update). It is definitely not a hardware issue.

Dominique Dierick PRO 6 years ago
Definitely not a hardware issue. To my camera it only appears under energy saving lightbulbs after some testing. Likely the AUTO WB cannot render the color temperature of these bulbs very well in image review. Perhaps a firmware update could fix it if needed, otherwise just add your own WB settings.
David Pinkerton 6 years ago
I got mine today and was shooting in all natural light and also balancing natural with flash and the green cast was very apparent. Hopefully this will be fixed in a firmware update. I love everything else about it though.
Cuckooclock 6 years ago
The next batch will be fine so no need to panic.
fluffy chickens [deleted] 6 years ago
Does the Auto WB look good in all other lights except from energy saving bulbs? I HATE those things. I have them and the light is dark and dreary. Technology? No way.
fluffy chickens [deleted] 6 years ago
Ken Rockwell says it is a backlighting issue that cannot be fixed in an update, and to send it back. (See his facebook page).
SLRist 6 years ago
If Nikon have acknowledged it as an issue and know how to fix it, you can be sure no more will roll off the assembly line with the problem.

I remember all that fuss about the 24-70 f/2.8 light leak. You had to hold a flash gun to the window to reproduce it. People were going mad all over the Internet. See this idiot on YouTube:


Even so, Nikon were still willing to accept the lenses back and install a light shield if someone was dumb enough to complain to their dealer. Needless to say, I didn't bother.

Then there was the 'metal dust' in the 70-200 f/2.8 VRII that everyone was going crazy about. That also turned out to be nothing.

Nikon bend over backwards to make their customers happy. If you have one of the first 1% of anything rolling off the production line, you can bet some people will get unlucky and spot some manufacturing inconsistency which wouldn't be apparent in a pre-release model. That's just how things are.

If it's a genuine fault (however tenuous) Nikon will fix it for you under warranty. There are very few companies about who are as willing to do that as readily as they are.
fluffy chickens [deleted] 6 years ago
That's all well and good, but I don't want a brand new camera fixed under warranty. I want a brand new $3000 camera to work out of the box as it should.
Tianliang Hau 6 years ago
[https://www.flickr.com/photos/jim2011/] +1
SLRist 6 years ago
Actually, when you see it for yourself, I have to agree it is a little on the green side...

nahanni•whisky™ 6 years ago
I want a brand new $3000 camera to work out of the box as it should.

patience is a virtue, possess it if you can.
it's seldom in these forums, but you'll find it in Japan. :)
rpallesen 6 years ago
[https://www.flickr.com/photos/jim2011/] And that is why a lot of companies have a DOA policy...if it is broken when you receive it then they will be replacing it rather than fixing it, but you only have a short window of opportunity to make this claim.
I am not sure what Nikons DOA policy is and it may vary from region to region.
Macr1 PRO 6 years ago
That is annoying, but lets put it in perspective. You could own a Canon and have to do firmware updates every other month for the next X years.
Lets hope they do right by you guys and sort it out,
Cuckooclock 6 years ago
Unfortunately soembody has to be the 'guinea pig' with Nikon or Fuji or whoever. In this case its everyone with the first batch of the D800. You can bet your bottom dollar that Nikon will not let this happen again and someone will be fired over this. Disgusting QC IMO.
synonymous mind [deleted] 6 years ago
But do we really know that it is only the first batch?
And what are we supposed to do? I won't be able to bring the camera to nikon until next weekend...
Cuckooclock Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Cuckooclock (member) 6 years ago
A second batch would be unthinkable.

I would take it in ASAP as faulty. The product recall might never happen.

I would like a poll to see how many have the problem.(Admin?)

I think workaround solutions are naff. You buy a product without faults. If you buy a faulty product then you send it back. Its always been this way, whats different about cameras?
donnnnnny PRO 6 years ago
Why shoot a wb cloudy in a front room???
SLRist Posted 6 years ago. Edited by SLRist (member) 6 years ago
Nobody knows except Nikon. However, in the past they've jumped on issues like this pretty quickly, and it's certainly not a unique issue to Nikon. These products are complex, and there are a lot of things which can go wrong once they are released in the thousands from a production line rather than a few tens of handmade units used by people in a controlled beta.

As with any new technology item bought from any company - he who buys first has to accept that he's part of the post-release testing team. Not only that, but he pays a premium for the privilege. That's the cost you pay for having the latest and greatest first.

Thus has it ever been. If you don't like it, delay your purchase.
synonymous mind [deleted] 6 years ago
To show the difference between the displays...
henryting 6 years ago
Inevitably, the newest and greatest always comes with bugs and as long as the manufacturer is on top of it, it will be corrected. However, in case, Nikon has never been forthcoming in telling us exactly what the problem is, hence the rumours run rampant and all of a sudden its a problem.
fluffy chickens [deleted] 6 years ago
No offence, but I really have to disagree with you here. if this was the first DSLR that Nikon had ever made, then, OK, it would excusable. But they have been making DX cameras for 10 years now, and FX cameras since 2007. I can understand having firmware updates for minor issues. But to release a $3000 FX camera with a dodgy and faulty LCD is inexcusable. This should not happen. Would you buy a car and put up with it if it refused to start? Would you buy a expensive TV and put up with a crappy picture? Nikon have no excuse. It seems that they have rush-released this camera without doing the proper tests. It's disgusting for a company of this magnitude to sell a faulty camera. The LCD is a vital part of a DSLR and I want it to tell the truth so that I can get as near perfect a picture as I take it, without having to post-process afterwards.
SLRist Posted 6 years ago. Edited by SLRist (member) 6 years ago
[https://www.flickr.com/photos/jim2011/] If 100% of them were dodgy I'd agree. So far it sounds like it's a minority. There are only so many things QC people are trained to look out for. If you've never had a similar issue in past production, it's not necessarily going to be on their check sheet.

I don't think the price of the camera has much to do with it. It's expensive because it's complex, and because it's complex there are many more things which can potentially go wrong.

Personally, I'm amazed that modern DSLRs have as few faults as they do when you consider how many moving parts and how much complex software is involved.

If they waited until every last issue was ironed out, you'd be waiting 6 months longer and paying a 50% premium. It's simply not competitive to do so.

Go and take a look at some of the Canon forums. There are similar gripes about the new 5D MK3.

My Fuji X100 has had several firmware updates since I've owned it to fix a wide variety of issues. Several of those have had to be sent back to fix issues with 'sticky aperture blades'. It's just par for the course.
SLRist 6 years ago
Standard corporate practice. They want to assess the scale of the problem and thoroughly test the solution before saying anything publically. If they send out a knee-jerk message acknowledging an issue, they will get a deluge of returns. Probably most will be unnecessary. That would benefit nobody.

I expect they will send a communication out to their dealer network on how to identify the problem and how to best rectify it. At the end of the day, despite what some people may say - the camera is still perfectly usable with the fault, so this one will not be a category 1 and will be treated accordingly. Who attempts to accurately gauge white balance from their LCD after all? Anyone needing to do this accurately in the field will use an expodisc or greycard or similar. They will certainly not work off the LCD.

Nikon will also want to see if there are other issues which need to be dealt with at the same time. They may also have issues acquiring the components to make repairs if their supplier has let them down with substandard backlighting units.
Cuckooclock 6 years ago
Dear Nikon inc. I've got the green screen of death

Dear Nikon. I have a green tinge. Nothing to bad but it kinda pisses me off. I mean I like photographing bananas but they always look unripe. Can you please sort out my bananas tinge sorry.
synonymous mind [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by synonymous mind (member) 6 years ago
Did you get an answer? :)
SLRist 6 years ago
"Yes, we have no bananas."
henryting 6 years ago
Putting a good screen on the camera is not rocket science. So much of photography is visual and a picture displaying accurately on the screen is as important to the photographer as eyes seeing the actual picture that we captured. This is not an area that camera manufacturers can skimp on. The wide variation of screen colours on the D800 tells me that the LCD screen tolerance fluctuates quite a bit between batches. That's why Nikon uses a software WB algorithm to adjust it. However, this is not an ideal solution at all. An inferior LCD screen will shift its colour in time and eyeballing it with the adjustment is just not acceptable. If the raw data is the standard, and the LCD displays it differently, then if we are out there taking pictures, how do you gauge whether the picture warrants a retake. This is bad and I hope the next production cycle Nikon can resolve this problem. Using a better quality LCD screen will definitely solve the problem. We shall see.....
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