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rosiespoonerphotos ADMIN October 20, 2013
A group to show what can be achieved with a Point-and-Shoot digital camera with a fixed lens. Absolutely no dSLRs or mirror-less system cameras, please.

See rules and allowed cameras on header above. Comments are not compulsory but are good for the success of the group. There is a comment code below, copy and paste the text below the line:
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Group Description

Group Rules.
Flickr Digital P&S Camera Club. Get yours at

Welcome to the Flickr Digital P&S Camera Club!
We are a family friendly Flickr image group strictly for Point-and-Shoot digital cameras. Our aim is to let you show people that fantastic photos can be taken with a humble P&S compact, bridge camera or even a cellphone without using a dSLR or system cameras.

Please note: Do NOT submit photos taken with any interchangeable lens or system camera like dSLRs or mirror-less interchangeable lens cameras or they will be removed from the image pool. (See below for details as to the allowed camera types).

The group is for STILL images taken with fixed lens, digital (not film) P&S and bridge cameras, digital video cams and cellphone cameras. Sorry, we do not accept submissions of scanned film negatives, video clips, illustrations or digital art.

Allowed camera types (revised as of Jan 2013):
Photos that can be submitted should be taken with a fixed lens/zoom camera of any brand or model. We now allow submissions of images shot with large sensor compacts as long as the lens is fixed on the camera and cannot be swapped with different lenses.

Examples of permissible digital cameras in this group are as follows:

- Canon PowerShot/Digital ELPH/IXUS cameras
- Nikon Coolpix cameras
- Sony Cyber-shot or Mavica cameras
- Casio Exilim cameras
- Panasonic Lumix compact or bridge cameras
- Fujifilm FinePix camera
- Olympus compact or bridge cameras
- Kodak EasyShare cameras
- Pentax Optio cameras
- Konica/Minolta DiMage cameras
- HP Photosmart cameras
- Samsung compact cameras
- Ricoh Caplio cameras
- Sigma DP-series compacts
- Leica compact cameras with fixed lenses
- Any cellphone camera with non-interchangeable lenses
- Any consumer video camcorder capable of capturing digital still images
- Any other compact digital camera brands not included in the above list, but you get the idea.

Forbidden/disallowed camera types:
- Canon EOS/Rebel/Kiss dSLRs, EOS-M mirrorless compact
- Nikon dSLRs, Nikon 1-series mirrorless compacts
- Sony Alpha dSLRs, NEX 3/5/6/7 mirrorless compacts
- Pentax dSLRs
- Olympus E-Volt dSLRs
- Sigma dSLRs
- Panasonic micro 4/3rds system cameras
- Samsung NX dSLRs
- Fujifilm dSLRs and X-T1/X-Pro 1 system cameras
- Leica compacts with interchangeable lenses
- Ricoh GXR interchangeable lens cameras
- Any analog (film) camera
- Any other dSLR/film SLR brand not listed above.

EXIF information:
For identification of your camera type, please ensure that your EXIF meta data is present at all times for public viewing. In the absence of EXIF information, you must tag your photos with the camera model.

If you have useful information about any particular camera which you would like to share, feel free to start a new post. Please indicate the camera brand/model in the heading so other members can find it easily.

We know how excited you are to share your pictures, so please take a moment to read the photo submission tips below. :-)

Tips on submitting your pictures:
1. We are are a family friendly Flickr group, therefore do NOT post the kind of photos that you would not feel comfortable viewing in the presence of a child. That means no nudity, porn, gore or disturbing images of violence or death.

2. If you want your images to get noticed more, don't upload a series of images of the same scenery or subject with little variation in them at once. Seriously? It's boring.

3. If you have loads of nice photos of the same scenery or subject, at least wait for a few hours before uploading to the image pool. This allows other members' photos to appear between yours so that your other pictures get a better chance of being viewed.

4. Giving a title and a description to your submitted images will elicit people to post a comment and/or favorite your photos. If you just leave your photos with your camera's default file names, e.g. IMGxxx, Pxxx, DSCxxx etc don't expect your pictures to attract much attention. There's no need to write a lengthy essay unless you want to, a brief description of your image will do nicely.

"Help, what happened to my photos in the pool?":
If you find that your images are deleted from the image pool, it's because you've either breached our group's rules or Flickr's Terms of Service under Section 9 and therefore we reserve the right to remove your photos from the image pool.
The most likelihood is because you have uploaded images taken with a dSLR or any other type of interchange lens camera, whether by mistake or intentionally.

Why are the permissible camera types based on those with a fixed lens?
As of January 2013, we now classify Point-and-Shoot digital cameras as those having fixed, non-removable zooms or prime lenses as intended and designed by the camera manufacturer.

Prior to our new policy, our classification of a P&S camera was any digital camera fitted with a sensor NO larger than 2/3". When this group was founded a few years ago, P&S cameras traditionally had small sensors. Since then P&S digital cameras with oversized sensors have begun to be more popular and therefore we no longer restrict images shot with large sensor compacts.

My Fuji Finepix X100/Sony Cyber-shot RX-1/Leica X1 has a large sensor. Are these models allowed by this group?
Yes! As long as the camera has a fixed prime or zoom lens, you're good to go!

Do wide angle, macro and telephoto conversion lenses count?
No, they don't count. Such lenses are added in front of the fixed lens through the use of special adapters. The fact still remains that the camera has a non-removable lens as the manufacturer designed. You can even attach your P&S camera to a telescope via an adapter if you want to!

Why aren't video clips allowed in the pool?
The reason videos are not permissible is because in the past there had been members who uploaded prank videos into the pool.

Furthermore, it takes additional effort by our moderators to view individual video clips for any embedded objectionable material. Bandwidth is another reason as not everyone in our team has the luxury of high speed broadband. If uploading videos is your cup of tea, please use YouTube or Vimeo instead.

Commenting on images:
Here at Flickr Digital P&S Camera Club we do NOT make it mandatory to comment on others' pics in the image pool.

However, if you really like certain photos by other people, it would be simply a nice gesture to leave comments. We believe that commenting should be done based on your own free will and sincerity instead of being forced to.

Starting discussion topics:
We do not practice heavy moderation like in some Flickr groups. Please feel free to start new topics relating to photography or camera related discussions. Do play nice with one another. If you have any issues pertaining to discussions, please contact any of the admins or moderators.

You have the right to express your personal opinion and to disagree with others, but personal attacks and insults will NOT be tolerated in discussion threads.

Have fun and enjoy yourselves here! :-)

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Group Rules

Terms and Conditions:
By joining the Flickr P&S Camera Club I agree:

a) To submit still images taken only with fixed lens, digital (not film) Point-and-Shoot compacts and bridge cameras, digital video cams or cellphone cameras. No dSLRs and interchangeable lens cameras please.

b) That any image that contravenes the Club's rules will be removed from the image pool without prior notice by the admins or moderators.

c) Not to post any offensive material, including but not limited to nudity, porn, gore or disturbing images of violence or death.

d) Not to block the Flickr Digital P&S Camera Club admins and moderators.

Allowed camera types:
Only images shot with point-and-shoot digital cameras with fixed lenses (regardless of sensor size) may be posted to the image pool. See our group's front page for more information.

If you are comfortable with our Terms and Conditions, we wish you a very warm welcome to the Flickr Digital P&S Camera Club!

From your friendly Admins:

Rosie Spooner (founder/admin, United Kingdom)
Zami Zahari (co-admin, Malaysia)
Bob Vandy (co-admin, USA)

And our very moderate, moderators

Todd Evans, (co-moderator, USA)
Emma (co-moderator, United Kingdom)

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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