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sarahecosta 3:45pm, 15 October 2009
I am trying to plan out my FMF quilt and keep wishing I had the elusive grey seedlings.. but I dont and I can't/won't spend $45 a fq on them from etsy or ebay but I really want to add some grey in to the quilt so my question is.. have any of you used a grey solid that looks nice with FMF or a polka dot perhaps? Anything seedlingish???
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dana and thread 9 years ago
just sent ANOTHER email. still waiting for some sort of response.
dana and thread 9 years ago
FINALLY got a response after I contacted them through etsy. The response says:

The email was not working, and I was out of town for a few days. I am sorry for the late response. I will get the invoices totaled and send you your refund by 3/16/10.

I think they are feeling our pain...I am done.
craftyconfusion 9 years ago
She got back to me via Etsy today as well...
Now I wonder how long the refund will take
lindakl 9 years ago
grrrr, I have send her through ETSY about 3 mails in the last
5 day's, maybe I don't speak her language, going to try it one more time.....
zerodot71 9 years ago
I just emailed again to ask for my refund for the 3 yards they shorted me. Seriously wish I knew how to get them shut down.
merciful hat [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by merciful hat (member) 9 years ago
I emailed her today through the etsy account and got a quick pleasant response. Now I'm waiting for the refund on the 3 missing prints. I was super pleasant in my email to her, I think that's the only way to get them to respond, unfortunately.
craftyconfusion 9 years ago
I know, eh?! I've been thinking about that too. It's so sad to think that there are no repercussions for these women...aside from a few lost customers. I suppose all we can do is keep people informed and dissuade them from purchasing from Fabfanatic in the future.

I feel as though the ETSY communication tool is the best way to get in touch with them. Maybe they are legitimate when they say they are having e-mail problems (although why on earth they can't just sign up for a new e-mail account is beyond me...). My refund was issued today after sending 4 e-mails/ETSY messages over the weekend. If you have no luck with them over the next few days I suggest going through your credit card company.

And then head on over to your favourite fabric dealer and spend your money in their shop as a thank you for running a proper business :)
...or just buy some chocolate...that always helps too.
dana and thread 9 years ago
anyone actually GET their refund yet??
sheridansews 9 years ago
I did!
merciful hat [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm waiting for mine still too.
lindakl Posted 9 years ago. Edited by lindakl (member) 9 years ago
the have not contacted me yet, I have send lots of emails to all ther
addresses, and still no refund. I contacted my cc copmany, I have to fill out a form and maybe I will get my money back.
joomoolynn 9 years ago
Are they a registered business? If so, you all should report them to the BBB as well as etsy.
proud beef [deleted] 9 years ago
Still waiting on my 2nd order...got shipping notification 3/8 and when I track it, all it says is the post office was notified to expect my package. Looks like it never shipped 11 days later ....Emailed again, no response...
dana and thread 9 years ago
sorry to keep at this...but has anyone heard ANYTHING? she told me on the 15th that i would have my refund on the 16th. I have not heard a word since then. I have sent quite a few emails inquiring....
merciful hat [deleted] 9 years ago
I emailed again and am still waiting for my refund also...she was quick to respond the first time and now nothing
craftyconfusion 9 years ago
I got my refund almost immediately after she finally acknowledged my request. I did have to send several very harsh e-mails in a row though.

Have you been contacting her through Etsy or e-mail? I only ever had an interaction closely resembling a dialogue with more than one response when I went through Etsy. If your credit card companies will do a refund I would suggest working with them rather than the fabfanatic duo.

What a nightmare this has been!!! Keep at it...
dana and thread 9 years ago
just sent ANOTHER email (and etsy convo)...have heard nothing since her email on the 15th promising my refund the next day. has anyone had luck with disputing through paypal given that we are out of the 45 day range to dispute? has anyone GOTTEN their refunds?
joomoolynn 9 years ago
at this point I would involve the police. That my friend, is fraud!
zerodot71 9 years ago
I still have not gotten a refund. I still lodged a complaint with PayPal even though it's gone this far out. I'm working with my CC company now. It's only 18 bucks, but at this point, it's principle.
craftyconfusion 9 years ago
I couldn't get a Paypal refund but I was able to get a credit card refund even though I paid via Paypal...if she wont get back to you it's the only thing I can think of.

Can you file an Etsy complaint even though we didn't buy through Etsy? I was wondering about that! I would love file a complaint! Could we also file a complaint through Paypal about her fraudulent business? I would also love to contact Free Spirit and let them know that she has been blaming her poor communication skills and lack of organization on them...although I doubt they would have much sympathy since they don't want to sell to co-ops anyways. Hmmm...maybe we could report them as a co-op...

These women have taken up far too much of our time and energy as far as I'm concerned. So sorry...that some of you are still dealing with this
zerodot71 9 years ago
Heh Crafty - GMTA. I did file a complaint through etsy anyway. I don't care anymore.

You are right - can't get a refund through PayPal at this point, but I did call them and forced them to listen to me b!tch about the seller's shady ways. I figured you gals needed a break :)
proud beef [deleted] 9 years ago
Still no response to my emails...I got shipping notification from Paypal 3/8 and still nothing and the tracking number shows no activity, just an expected shipment... and no response to my emails since 3/1...
I guess I need to give up and contact the credit card company...
craftyconfusion 9 years ago
If you really do still want the fabric maybe you could send an e-mail asking her to ship what she has and refund the rest. I got the impression, as others have suggested, that that are holding back orders so as only to have to pay shipping once. You might actually get a response that way and it is still a really good price... If you'd rather just spend your money elsewhere and reward good business...then YES credit card company is your best bet.

I tried looking up their phone number at one point because I was sooooo angry and just wanted a response. Fabric...I can't believe this is all over fabric!

zerodot - I'm glad you got to vent a little bit!
zerodot71 9 years ago
The phone number that I have for them is 254-238-2582. I have called, emailed them at info@fabfanatics.com and staceyanncooper@yahoo.com. I have also posted on their FabFanatic blog, Facebook page and now I'm doing "ask the seller a question on all their ebay listings. I am f***ing pissed.
dana and thread 9 years ago
did anyone answer when you called? i have emailed (both addresses), etsy-ed, and yesterday tried contacting through ebay. Once, way back when they answered emails, Stacey mentioned she was emailing from her Blackberry, so you know she gets our emails as they are sent. I tried starting a dispute through paypal but it's been more than 45 days. This is theft...and so awful. Keep us updated.
proud beef [deleted] 9 years ago
I am not getting any response either....How many of us are still trying to get their Hope Valley or refunds or even a REPLY?
fancytwo 9 years ago
I am still waiting on the hope valley precuts, and good folks flannel.
Wrote about a week ago to ask about the flannel. No response.
Anyone else received it?
I have over $100 in purchases to them which is still not received.
dana and thread 9 years ago
I am with fancytwo. over $100 that they have. i am not sure what else to do...they are still running an active ebay store so we know they have access to email and internet. oddly, they get awesome feedback on their ebay store. they clearly run that differently than the co-op.
joomoolynn 9 years ago
This has happened in the digital scrapbooking world. People would either not get their goods or someone would run a fraudulent charity listing. People ended up contacting local (to the seller-fraudulent) police and report fraud and theft. They were charged and prosecuted! That is what I would suggest at this point.
dana and thread 9 years ago
so it seems that both zerodot71 and i got responses today. i am wondering if anyone else did? we are both being promised refunds. my email said that she sent some of my owed fabric yesterday and that she will refund the rest of my money by 4/24.

anyone else hear anything?
midnightcrafts 9 years ago
I ordered and paid for my 1/2 yard sets in Nov as well. I'm thoroughly disappointed with this situation and I don't know what else I can do! I can only send them emails, asking for either a shipping confirmation/tracking number or please send me a refund (of course, no reply).

I guess I can only document my experience in the hope that fellow fabric lovers will not go through the same with Fabfanatic in the future...

Yep. Paypal told me very nicely to go read the terms & conditions and stop writing to them to get my $ back. ARGH.
proud beef [deleted] 9 years ago
I still haven't got an email or an etsy conversation reply and my shipping notification from 3/8/10 was never updated...only says the USPS was notified to expect a pkg...
dana and thread 9 years ago
try emailing her again...in my email from her today she wrote:

"I am sorry for ignoring the complaints and I was wrong to do so. ...You will get your money back, as will everyone else will get the fabric or a refund. I need to sell some items on Ebay, but you will get the remaining amount in the next 2 weeks at the latest. I have not done a good job running this co-op. I am sorry this is such an awful experience and it is all my fault. I will get this resolved."

email at the staceyanncooper@yahoo.com address. that is where she wrote from today. i still won't beleive this is going to work out til i get my money back, but my fingers are crossed.
craftyconfusion 9 years ago
Wow! I can't believe you got an apology. That is more than most of us and is at least an acknowledgment of her fault in this.

I really hope she is serious about getting those fabrics and refunds out ASAP.
midnightcrafts 9 years ago
Hi Dana_and_thread, Thanks for sharing. It is comforting to hear that she has replied and actually APOLOGISED for the mess. But its really unsettling to hear that she has to sell 'some items on Ebay' first before she refunds the items. This has been a rather expensive lesson learnt about online co-ops. :S
oh-cherry-sew Posted 9 years ago. Edited by oh-cherry-sew (member) 9 years ago
It is terrible the way this co-op has been run, and I can't believe how poor the communication has been from the woman running it. A bit more communication and honesty may have made this all much less stressful for everyone.

But I just wanted to say that I also feel really bad for Stacey I can't imagine the stress and pressure she must be under right now. She must be being bombarded by angry emails, etsy convos, and phonecalls, and threats of contacting the police, and probably is stuck with her back against the wall. No mistake, she has truly mucked up this business venture. But I would imagine that she has also got herself into serious financial strife because of it, and isn't having any fun at all.

I hope you all get your refunds/fabric soon of course. I'm sure Stacey just wants this all to be over and done with too- she just needs to find a way to do it.

Just saying ;)
Gehring Road - Jen 9 years ago
Hi Girls... just wanted to put my two cents in. I sincerely hope someone takes the suggestion to call the authorities over this matter - consider the hundreds and hundreds of dollars that were taken in the process - and not returned even months later. I really think it is your only way to get restitution for this (and I would save all emails that state the owner was ignoring the issue or the problem). Also, this coop is still taking orders! If someone steps up and contacts the authorities, it can be shut down.

I really hope that this business is able to make ammends and that you are all given a refund at the very least.
merciful hat [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks for the updates ladies, I just emailed her through the yahoo address danaandthread gave. Hoping she answers me, I'm only missing 3 half yards, not my entire order but it's the principal of it.
fancytwo 9 years ago
I sent an email to the yahoo address and the info@fabfanatics and have yet to get a response. I suppose I will have to take legal measures next.
Was really hoping not to go that route. I will give it another day or so.
I will be interested to hear if anyone else gets their refund or a response this week. Several people from my guild received refunds last week.
They all apparently took legal measures.
dana and thread Posted 9 years ago. Edited by dana and thread (member) 9 years ago
i am curious what sort of legal measures were taken? i got some fabric on friday and stacey's email to me indicated i would get my refund by the 24th...but we shall see i suppose.
fancytwo Posted 9 years ago. Edited by fancytwo (member) 9 years ago
They sent a legal demand letter for a refund, via certified mail, threatening to sue in small claims if a refund was not granted.

The thing is that I am fine waiting even longer for my fabric, as long as I know it is coming. I have sent so many emails simply asking for a status report, and never a response. How hard is it to update the blog??
Gehring Road - Jen 9 years ago
Fancytwo... you can also send a legal demand for a response to when your goods will be delivered. The issue arises in the failure to communicate - that becomes theft.
makeaface 9 years ago
Wow, I had no idea this was happening. I paid for my Hope Valley from them late last year and although I ordered the black and grey colorway, it shipped at the beginning of this year. All of it as expected. I had no idea there were problems and because of it, I will not be using them again. It's not worth taking the chance.
On a side note, my girlfriend that owns a small quilt shop near me said that her HV was backordered forever. She placed her order at market and just last week received a partial shipment. She said quite a few more were on backorder, including patterns and there was no indication when they would be shipping.
I hope you all get your money back real soon!
MichelleSews 9 years ago
I sent her an email asking about my fabric, and I got an email saying that she sent me Love fabric - but without some of the fabric that was backordered. Then she sent me a refund for that fabric. I told her in my email that I would be happy to wait - I just wanted some communication. She never said anything about the yard of Hope Valley that she still owes me.
joomoolynn 9 years ago
The thing is, she should NOT be holding out on her customers by having to sell things on ebay!! She should be doing whatever it takes, i.e. business LOAN to pay you all back. This is stealing!
merciful hat [deleted] 9 years ago
I've given up on this, for 3 half yards, it isn't worth my time anymore.
zerodot71 9 years ago
At least we all know now to steer clear of her co-op. It could have been great. All she had to do was communicate and not act so shady.

Hey faeriehallie - I hear you. I emailed and messaged her every day until she finally responded to me and send me a refund. I'm like a bulldog. I latch on and I will not let go. It was principle.
meg_norrell 9 years ago
Quick note. I got an email back from her saying that the backordering on Lotus was going to go until potentially June, so she was sending me what she had of my order and refunding me for the rest. Anyone else looking to make up for what Lotus fabrics they didn't get through the co-op, I suggest trying www.quilthome.com. They have all of the dots and wallflowers in stock at the moment, for reasonable prices.
I have been patiently waiting like all of you for Hope Valley and today I decided to call Freespirit to see if there is really a 6 month back order. (I paid for mine at the end of Oct 2009). They have 80 yards in stock of one of the Fiesta prints she said she's been waiting on. I really, really wanted to extend her the benefit of the doubt but after hearing that, I'm angry and I feel cheated.
dana and thread 9 years ago
so i have not heard from her since april 8 despite sending several more emails. has anyone heard anything lately?
proud beef [deleted] 9 years ago
I havent either since I got the 3/8 Post office notice saying they were notified to expect my pkg from fabfanatics....Have sent numerous emails!
Everyone!!! File a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center: www.ic3.gov/default.aspx. People who live in Texas (where Fabfanatic lives) should file complaints with their local police departments and pursue small claims court.
dana and thread 9 years ago
is anyone else still waiting to get money back? the last i heard from her was april 27 when she said:

My paypal account has been limited, too many people wanted a refund at once, so paypal has temporarily limited the account. I have given them all of the requested information. I have no idea how long it will take to be able to send money from the account. If you can do a chargeback on your credit card, it should allow you to get a refund that way. This just seems to go from bad to worse and I am sorry for this awful experience.
Thank you for your patience

for the record, i did try to get my money back through paypal and my credit card company but it was past 60 days. honestly, the woman needs to get cashiers checks and mail them to us. personal checks wouldnt work cause i don't trust her enough...
zerodot71 9 years ago
I feel so horrible that you are still waiting for a refund. Totally crappy of her.
fancytwo Posted 9 years ago. Edited by fancytwo (member) 9 years ago
I am still waiting for both a response and a refund.
She never bothers to respond to me. I have given up and hope that one day my fabric might show up. who knows, its been 5 months now, and I am not even waiting for Hope Valley. How could good folks flannel still be backordered? I do not buy that one bit.

I agree on the cashiers checks.
That would not be hard to do at all.
vintagemodernquilts | lisa Posted 9 years ago. Edited by vintagemodernquilts | lisa (member) 9 years ago
Has anyone seen this? Stacey and her sister claimed they were donating money AND fabric from FabFanatic to cancer charities. I wonder if any donations were ever made. Apparently they've been sending fabric out to people who are members of the "Cancer is Sew Done" group.


For all US residents who were defrauded by these people, you can file an out of state small claims suit.

dana and thread 9 years ago
the fabfanatic site is down, she has not replied to emails since Aril 27 and I STILL do not have my refund or fabric. i am seriously considering small claims court...
meg_norrell 9 years ago
I submitted a claim with IC3, I haven't heard anything from her since April 19 at which point I was promised a partial shipment and a refund by May 15. I've emailed twice more, no responses, and I'm just fed up. This was for my order of Lotus reprints by Amy Butler, btw. I paid in January, ffs.
fancytwo 9 years ago
I have not heard anything since March. I did hear back from her sister but never from her directly. I have sent emails to three addresses, nothing. I have seen no refund and no shipment.
Mine is for good folks flannel and some precuts.
I am a member of the charity group, but have not sent anything since she has stopped responding to my emails. They stopped sending fabric out to people some time ago, on the grounds that were too many members to keep up with.

I am going to file a claim and also move forward on collections.
oh-cherry-sew 9 years ago
I posted here ages ago saying I felt sorry for her. I just wanted to say that after hearing that the dramas still haven't been resolved, I have stopped feeling sorry for her and her poor business decisions. I can't feel sorry for someone who makes no effort to right her mistakes. I hope that filing a claim helps, and that you all get your money back. It is beyond ridiculous.

Pretty poor effort on the charity front too, by the sounds of things!
dana and thread 9 years ago
okay. IC3 claim submitted. i wonder if anything actually comes of it. i just feel like if she really wanted to do the right thing, she would figure it out somehow. i just can't fathom how she DOESN't answer any of our emails. this sucks.
proud beef [deleted] 9 years ago
I guess it's time to file my claim too since she doesn't respond or face up to her responsibilities...
fancytwo 9 years ago
HI Guys,

I just wrote Freespirit to see if the fabrics Stacey claims are on backorder were true for my specific order. They advised me to contact the Better Business Burea, saying that they have had previous complaints about her and have stopped shipping fabric. That means that she will NOT be receiving any more freespirit fabric, so unless she issues a refund, this is absolutely theft. I cannot believe she has not already sent refunds to everyone she owes freespirit fabric to.
I will move forward to file my claim with the IC3 and with the link to small claims court out of state, Thanks Lisa for that.
This is infuriating.
fancytwo 9 years ago
I got my refund today. Hope everyone else will get theirs too.
valmiller 9 years ago
It's disgusting that it takes making a claim before you got your money back. Anyway .. glad to see that at least you did get it eventually.
dana and thread 9 years ago
fancytwo--did she send a note or anything or did it just appear? have you continued to email her? i am so intrigued that you FINALLY got the refund! my fingers are still crossed for mine...
kirbyloulou 9 years ago
Can anyone send me (via FM) Stacey's address and information? I would like to institute a claim and/or legal action, but believe I need additional information to do so. I can't find her address in my email.

dana and thread 9 years ago
kirbyloulou--sending it now.
kirbyloulou 9 years ago
Ugh, I am not getting any response. This is so frustrating.
a quilt is nice 9 years ago
kirbylou...i haven't got any response either. I'm not sure what to do. It's only $10 I'm out, but it's the principle of the whole thing. It IS so frustrating.
suejoy70 9 years ago
I have emailed at least 30 times, no response. I don't know what to do next. I'm in australia so I guess that's it for me.
dana and thread 9 years ago
i would try filing with ic3 and emailing them to let them know that you are taking action...have you tried emailing the sister?

this is so awful...i keep learning of more and more people who were cheated.
suejoy70 9 years ago
I don't have the sister's email address. Could someone please help me with that? thanks
suejoy70 9 years ago
thank you I have filed with ic3
Caribousmom 9 years ago
I too have been defrauded. I got a shipment of my Love Fabrics and a portion of the Anna Maria Horner flannels with no note or invoice. I am still owed about $40 of the flannel fabrics and have emailed her three times with no response to my emails for a refund. Thank you for all the info here on how to file a complaint which I intend to do. She received a lot of money which went somewhere...and look at everyone who never got their product! This is theft and must be reported so more people will not be victimized.
oh-cherry-sew 8 years ago
Has anything been resolved for anyone yet? I hope people aren't still waiting for their refunds...
suejoy70 8 years ago
I never received a refund or my fabric unfortunately. there's only so many emails you can send. grrrrrr
meg_norrell 8 years ago
I am still without my refund. I'm out $180 total. I've filed complaints in several manners with no resolution.
katie@swimbikequilt 8 years ago
I am still waiting too. I have about given up--luckily just a jelly roll of nicey Jane. I'm glad I found this thread, I will be taking all of the action suggested, but probably too late now.
Sewing Geek 8 years ago
Just catching up on this thread and thought I'd throw something out. Businesses come and go every day. This is a HUGE lesson to any of us out there who have small shops on Etsy or thinking about any kind of business to do your homework. It sounds to me like this person got completely overwhelmed with it all. Perhaps she didn't even have a business license, who knows, but there are legal ways to close businesses without making so many people upset.

I was one of the lucky ones who did get their fabric but I find what happened later so upsetting, I do hope you all get a refund.
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