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Some initial links were collected by Paula Wirth and posted in
the Art Car group on Flickr.

Tom Kennedy the Art of Sculptural Art:

Laughing Squid post by John Law (Goodbye to Tom Kennedy: Art Car Artist, Activist, Teacher & Prankster): (posting has tributes from legions of friends)

Laughing Squid post by Scott Beale about the memorial:

San Francisco Chronicle:

Los Angeles Times:,0,2234068.story

Time magazine:,9171,1893506,00.html

San Francisco Bay Guardian:

San Francisco Examiner:

Patrick Goggin piece on Daily Kos:

Rick McKinney's elegy:

Tracy Swedlow's blog post:

Emily Duffy's blog posts:


Farewell, Tom Kennedy -- by Puzzling Evidence:

La Contessa and the Whale on the Black Rock playa -- by Puzzling Evidence: (part 1) (part 2)

Tom Kennedy memorial at Ocean Beach -- by David Silberberg

"Tom Kennedy Was an Artcar-Drivin' Man" -- by Ken Duffy

PHOTOS on Flickr:

Photo pool for Tom Kennedy (this pool):

Ken Duffy set of Tom Kennedy pictures:

Ken Duffy set of the Tom Kennedy Memorial Celebration pictures:

Photo set by Jonny's Naught Spot (Jon Alloway):

Photo set by Barbara Fried:

Photo sets by Jules Ellingson:

Photo set from the memorial by Emily Duffy:

Photo set from the memorial by Amanda Jensen:

Photo set from the memorial by Karie Henderson:

Photos from the memorial by John Hell:

Photos from the memorial by Ilene Doles:

Photos from the memorial by Robert Ramos (in my photostream):

Photos from the memorial by Henry Van Vorik (collection containing three sets):

Photos from the memorial by Christa Ansbergs:

Photos from the memorial by Victor Hoornstra:
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