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Ol' Wizard ADMIN July 5, 2014
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These are simply the best darn portraits on Flickr. They transcend all conventions, and leave the viewer in awe. Feel free to submit. But I am unbelievably picky. If you do get an image into this pool, just know... IT IS THE BEST OF THE BEST! Please do not send any images that are banal, conventional, boring, or mediocre. I think you get the picture!

What makes a masterpiece of portraiture? It is the perfect juxtaposition of style, technique and the photogenic qualities of the subject. If one of these elements are flawed, the portrait will fall short. But it is even more than that. It is an image that elicits a strong reaction in the viewer: whether surprise, awe, disgust, fascination, calm or puzzlement. There is no way that a viewer will not react to an image representing pure genius of form and composition.

Some images are great in their simplicity, others in their intricacy. Some images are great in their symmetry, and others in their disjointedness, leaving the viewer uncomfortable or bewildered. Some images are great in their beauty, whereas other are beautiful in their unattractiveness. Some images are stark, whereas others exude gentleness. All great portraits have a type of transcendent quality, that represents an archetypal figure, or that brings the viewer to a level beyond thoughts and concepts.

Thank you to "gosia janik" for permission to use the image for the group icon, as well as the comment & invite banners. You can find it at:


Please comment on one or more images you see in this pool. Comments are not obligatory, but they are very appreciated by members, and they do increase the visibility of this group! Comment on as many images as you like, and as far into the pool as you wish!

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Please feel free to invite images to this pool. But keep in mind that this group only accepts the highest quality works. I am very picky about submissions. I am not saying this to dissuade you but rather to urge you to use a most discriminating eye! It is a good idea to browse this pool before sending out invites.

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You are invited to submit your great image to: Masterpieces of Portrait Art

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I have the pleasure of administrating some of the best groups on flickr. The focus throughout is quality rather than quantity.

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