Lawrence Chard 7:00pm, 25 January 2017
I noticed that Flickr member Several Months ( (/cabodevassoura/)
has added one or more (probably hundreds) photos to this group.
I documented a number of groups to which he added one of his typically mediocre photos, in the description attached to this screenshot:

You may wish to consider banning him, although it is quiet likely that he heas done a “Hit and Run”, posted numerous irrelevant photos, then left the group. He has done this to a few group of which I am the Admin, and it has created considerable work to remove each of his pathetic images individually.
You may also wish to try to persuade Flick to add a few more Group Admin tools to help counter spammers, rule-breakers, and other anti-social cheats like him.
Thanks for the heads up. We haven't used this group much, and I'm surprised he cold post without being a member.
He's banned

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