Queen Breaca (on ipernity) 12:13am, 22 March 2013
Hello, is anybody listening? Any admin, I mean! Detected so many unqualified photos on the first page of the group pool alone, it makes me sad. What about all those honest members of this group, who stick to the rules? One picture had 19 views, nothing else. So what are you going to do about it?
Queen Breaca (on ipernity) Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Queen Breaca (on ipernity) (member) 6 years ago
Michigan Transplant 6 years ago
I've noticed this too. Really diminishes the value of this group ...
Shoot New York City 5 years ago
I guess the admins have lost interest. It is unfortunate, as I liked this group and there are so many photos in the pool that have no views and no likes
ifotog, Queen of Manhattan Street Photography:

Just checked all the admins and found that, sadly, all five don't seem to be active on Flickr any more, judging from their latest uploads (between 2008 and 2011). Wrote to Flickr recently about a similar problem in another group. The reply I got was rather disheartening, they said they never interfere in group management, they also said that admins are NOT OBLIGED TO ANSWER FLICKR MAILS. Now who would have thought that? Oh yes, and they gave me very useful advice, which is to open a new group with a similar topic. Well, now it doesn't surprise me any longer that Flickr had to employ new and bigger servers recently, since so much junk is floating around in this community and noone feeling responsible to sweep up. My complete move to ipernity becomes more and more likely.
ipernity ? I got to pay for it!
( N O T F R E E ! ! ! )
les.butcher 4 years ago
I've notice quite a few additions with less fav and views than required. If there is none of the Admin people bothering then I think it is time to leave the group.
Nick Dean1 4 years ago
I was similarly disheartened by the Wildlife 100 Views 10 Faves group so I became the sole admin and sorted the group out making all uploads adhere strictly to the qualification requirements and banning repeat offenders, if anyone would like to add their pictures to this group you are welcome to do so.


Nick Dean
Group Admin.
dave p brecks 4 years ago
More non qualifiers than qualifiers now.
jasonkb 3 years ago
lets see if we can try to create a group with better moderation...
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